Christmas Traditions


I have an Advent wreath. I was wondering what traditions you all share with your families. I am also wondering where I can get some Advent wreath prayers.



**The EWTN website usually has a calender with daily reflections and prayers. We usually print them off and then read them at supper time.:slight_smile:



We do a daily bible reading of the Narrative, light an Advent candle, and say some prayers t/o Advent. We put our tree up 1st week of Advent, then the next week we put up lights, then ornaments, and so on until Christmas Eve when everything is up and lighted! I look forward to Advent and I hope it makes a nice tradition/memories for my children.


We are moving slowly over the years to bring out more of the penetential spirit of advent. That is of course much harder with younger children!

We light the advent wreath t dinner and say a brief prayer from a booklet. This year, dh found one from B. Foulton Sheen that we will use.

We stop shopping for ourselves other than necessities. Usually we do this right after the mid-November birthday in our family. This includes little treats like fancy coffee, magazine/candy in the grocery checkout line etc. It just seems like as folks go out to do Christmas shopping they come home with one gift for someone else and two for themselves!

We also do what I call the ‘pantry clean out’. That is making meals based on what’s in the pantry rather than going out shopping for special ingrediants. That may mean a lot of soup or tuna cassarole.

Those probably aren’t the fun traditions you are looking for, but they are ways we strive to spend advent looking forward to Christ’s second coming rather than Santa’s presents!


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