Christmas Tree Topper?


What do you put atop your tree? Angel, star, other?

We do a angel and have ever since I was a little kid. What tops your tree?


We have an Angel, I would like a Star one year but DH has some pretty strong feelings that and angel should be at the top of the tree and not a star. I think they are both nice so I go with the angel for DH. :shrug:


We top the tree with an angel. Growing up, my family used a star, but when I got married, I really wanted to change to an angel.

My husband’s folks use Santa. I never thought to use Santa for a tree topper, and I don’t care for it, personally. It seems weird to me. :shrug:


We have a star, but we have had an angel in the past. I like both :slight_smile:


We have a pretty fiber optic star from the early 70’s.


An angel on our family tree, and our son’s tree has a cute little snowmen topper on it.


Wow, I guess they don’t make stars like they used to. We end having to replace our star every few years because burns out.


I remember seeing Santa and stars in my mom’s house when I used to live with her. I bought a beautiful angel last yr and I used it this yr again.


I’m all about the star. Stars are beautiful, with simple clear lines and they match my other ornaments better than angels. Angels are hard to represent in an ornament - they end up looking cutesy, which is not, to me, how real angels probably look.

Plus, to me, the star represents the Christmas story better than an angel does. After all, the angels came down from heaven to see Jesus, but the star stayed up in the sky.


We have an old tin foil red and silver star which dates from my early childhood. (It’s an antique by now.) I wouldn’t have anything else.


We had an angel for many years–the kind that you connect to the lights. She eventually fell apart and so recently we’ve been putting up a foil star that one of the kids made when they were preschool age. Last year we ended up with a stuffed animal (mouse) at the top! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to get another angel, guess I can shop when it’s ‘after Christmas’ for everyone else and get one on sale! lol


I have a bow.


We have a Santa.


I honestly can’t remember if we put anything on the top of the tree :o
We haven’t had a chance to put the tree up yet, but hopefully will this weekend. I’ll let ya know when I see what we have in the ornament storage box.


We have a couple of different ones, and we switch back and forth every year.


We have an angel that I made when dh and I were first married. My mil bought us a star several years ago (against my wishes), we used it once and then it fell apart (it was difficult to get it to stay on the tree) so back to the trusty old angel :slight_smile:



Star. From the Dollar Tree. We’re on a budget. :smiley:


I voted “Angel,” because that’s what we have now. When I was growing up, as I recall, it was a star. I think my wife and I started with a star, but for some reason (maybe because the star broke), we now have an angel.

I guess if I had the choice (i.e., if they were both available in the ornament box), I’d go with the star, but it’s kinda 60% star/ 40% angel.


We have a cross – it’s made from a semi-opaque pearl-colored material (looks like stained glass, but it’s not :wink: ). I just saw it one year and thought it was so beautiful. :slight_smile:

Growing up we had an angel that lit up – it was also beautiful. :slight_smile:


Growing up, we had a star for several years, followed by a lit angel with “genuine” fiberglass hair.

My husband had a star, red or green depending on the year and who broke what the previous year.

We have an angel AND a star. The angel is a crotched one I picked up at Oriental Trading Company a long time ago. It used to be white. It now has a nice ivory patina. The angel has around the neck a very large star in silver, gold and white plastic. I put grossgrain ribbon in selected slots out of the angel’s skirts that flow down the tree.

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