Christmas Tree

I am very sad about the nonChristian people taking our Christian concept of a Christmas tree and using it to their advantage and then calling it a Holiday, Season ,or Winter Tree. Call it by its correct name or take it down. It is a Christmas tree . To call it anything else is politically incorrect!

My wife thought I was going insane this morning. They were talking on the tv news that tonite at 7pm, they will have the official lighting of the “holiday tree”. in downtown Toledo. I actually screamed at the tv " Wake up folks! It’s a Christmas tree, not a stupid holiday tree. The media will not stop until all thought of any Christian practice is eliminated. It just makes me sick!!!

The Christmas Tree, as with the Easter Egg and other ‘symbols’ did not originate from Christianity.

Christians used the symbols of the pagan cultures to which they were evangelizing to explain Christianity to them for the conversion of the people.

Norse pagans and Celtic Druids revered evergreens as manifestations of deities because they didn’t die from year to year. St. Boniface is said to have used the rectangular shape of fir tree in the 7th century to explain the Holy Trinity in Germany.

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Let the secular culture call it a Holiday Tree…it’s only a symbol. Cultures attach to the symbol that which they hold dear. For the Christians we see everything about it pointing to Christ, but that’s not the way the tree was or is regarded by other cultures/faiths. Why would we want to force other people to view everything the way we do? Our job is to invite them into the faith, not pound it into them.

Thanks for the feedback.

I agree with this. We Christians actually stole the whole “Tree” thing from the Pagens! That said, I’m glad we use it as a Christmas tree…it adds beauty to our celebration of Christ’s birth. Likewise, I don’t mind how non-christians use the tree either. It’s pagen in origin anyway!

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