Christmas Trees in church


Thank you for helping me understand.

I meant no such thing.



So if I had said my “small” parish or my “rural” parish you would be coming on here correcting me that your Diocese website and your directory list no such designations? Are you serious with this?

I was giving people context about the parish that I attend. Nothing more.



Small and rural are not pejorative. Novus Ordo is frequently used that way— if you’re resistant to the name Ordinary Form, then an appropriate designation would be the Mass of Paul VI.

As Pope Benedict said,
“the Missal published by Paul VI and then republished in two subsequent editions by John Paul II, obviously is and continues to be the normal Form – the Forma ordinaria – of the Eucharistic Liturgy.”

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Neither of those descriptors are pejoratives.



Who gets to decide which words are pejoratives? You???

Please show me a church document defining the term Novus Ordo as pejorative. If you are offended by the term Novus Ordo then it is because you choose to be. I cannot control the bad connotations that people have with words.

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Perhaps not. But once informed that many many people consider it pejorative, you could, in charity, stop using it.

It’s a little like protesting that you don’t mean anything by a racial epithet, so nobody should be offended.



I had no knowledge prior to this thread that the words Novus Ordo was offensive to some people. Do you understand that???

I am not resistant to the term Ordinary Form. Novus Ordo was just the first words for it that popped into my head. I thought they were used interchangeably. You are attributing to me intentions and motives that are not there.



You have a lot of nerve talking to me about charity.



That comment is not uncharitable—it’s just a statement of fact. I get that you didn’t understand that Novus Ordo was pejorative—that’s why I and others pointed it out.

Now you know. So it’s up to you what you do with that.



Well you all pointed it out in the most uncharitable way possible.

And yeah, now that I know it offends people like you, I will go out of my way to use it more just to prove how far the political correctness has gone and that a small clique on here will not dictate the language used.

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Well, there you go then. Merry Christmas.



Merry Christmas to you too!!!



“My lackluster parish” Hmmmmm pretty accurate in my experience…



That certainly is not a good thing to do.

Trust me, on this forum many of us get suspicious of people who use the term Novus Ordo, because usually they have an agenda. It is kind of a red flag. When someone uses it and doesn’t realize it is a pejorative description that many use with that intent, we try to correct their error. A Parish that celebrates the OF of the Mass is no less or more Latin Rite Catholic than a Parish that celebrates the EF, as long as they are actual Roman Catholic Parishes, not SSPX or SSPV or sedevacantists.

Just use the term OF when you want to designate a Church that celebrates Mass in the Ordinary Form. If you attend Latin Mass, just use the terms Latin Mass or EF. They are both fully valid. Some people have preferences in one way or another, but we are all in Communion.

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Thanks for the heads-up Canvas. I may reconsider.

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The term Norvus Ordo does not bother me at all. But like Canvas said, I immediately think I’m talking to someone who has a very certain point of view. I don’t feel like it is a horrible thing to say, but it will show a bias that others will react to. The very term on this thread led to an education of what a parish is.



Yes they are. The FSSP parish in Nebraska has a few Christmas trees up.



That would be the Extraordinary Form of the Mass?



Ever since I’ve been posting here, many people talk about the Norvus Ordo or NO, for short. I never even knew what they were talking about. Isn’t it just your typical Catholic Mass that’s found almost anywhere?
Even when I go to Mass while on vacation, it’s just like the one here at home.



And people are incorrect to have an issue with the term Novus Ordo. This has been stated again and again by the moderators of the page…the policy of Catholic Answers is that the various terms are equivalent. Since I teach and lecture in various languages, I exclusively use in all languages Novus Ordo or Vetus Ordo. They are the equivalent of Ordinary or Extraordinary Form or the Missals of Saint Paul VI or Saint John XXIII.

As for critiquing the Vetus Ordo Mass, I limit myself to expressions of my own experiences of celebrating it in years long past – I would never celebrate it again – along with the reality that the Council Fathers mandated a reform and renewal of not just the Mass but of every aspect of the liturgy. There was nothing of the Church’s liturgical life that was not in need of attention and of revision.

Among my most cherished memories are the liturgical movement whose ultimate fruit is the expression at Vatican II and the post-conciliar reform and renewal of the Church’s liturgy.

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