Christmas Trees Pulled From Washington's Sea-Tac Airport Following Complaint


Somehow, it feels like non-Christians are trying to dismantle our cherished cultural traditions in this nation. What do you people think of this case?,2933,235737,00.html

For more than 25 years, the airport has celebrated the holidays with Christmas trees over its entrances. But overnight, the Port of Seattle ordered all 15 trees removed.

The Port allowed “holiday” decorations to remain but decided to take down all the Christmas trees after a Seattle rabbi complained they were offensive.

The Port of Seattle says it had little choice. It says the Seattle rabbi with the Central Organization for Jewish Learning hired a lawyer and threatened to sue if the airport did not erect an eight-foot menorah to balance the message of the Christmas trees.


Sadly too many people go thru life looking for something to be offended about. I don’t know why they can’t go thru life with a more positive attitude and with willingness to accept age old customs that have no intent to offend anyone.


As a Catholic I believe that all religions have some truth to it that points toward the fullness of truth in Christ—it’s that natural law thing that Paul spoke about, you know:)

Anyway, why not just put some menorah ornaments on the trees that are decorated?

Or would the rabbi just think that’s adding insult to injury?


How big were the trees, if the menorah had to be 8 feet? “Over the enterances” I was thinking like, little three feet trees, maybe plastic or something even. Maybe I have my mental image off.

Why didn’t the airport just put up a menorah? I don’t mind seeing Jewish and Christian holiday symbols together in secular environments (Do other holidays have symbols? I imagine they do but I’ve never seen any). Either way, seeing all the symbols together reflects more of America, reminds people that religions are still important to some, and, in my opinion, inspires a bit of sharing and tolerance for one another.


I think that would be viewed as insult to injury. I’m not sure why they didn’t just put a menorah on display.


Well the whole planet has gone politically correct bonkers :whacky:

So someone remind me, who’s birthday is it ?.. still no room at the Inn.


Was Jesus born under a christmas tree?


Could have been, the point is, it isn’t an ordinary holiday period, it’s Christmas and the celebration of Our Saviours Birthday. (maybe not yours, but mine)

Shall we ask people to stop wearing veils because it offends Christians, or turbans for that matter ?

It’s the Birthday of Christ, and if it was Peters birthday, we’d hardly celebrate Paul’s just to please Paul, get the point ?

So what about Cribs ? those offensive too, saying Happy Christmas ?
I mean it’s so horrible for someone to wish us Happy Christmas especially at Christmas time.
I know where my money is going and where it isn’t, and it won’t be going into the pockets of those that want to tear down Christmas.**

Oh believe me this peaceful protest works, it worked her in N,Ireland closing down many shops who decided to treat us badly, but they still like our money, yes I would definitely advocate voting with the wallet.


When I was growing up, Christmas was…well it was just Christmas. There was no problem about it. Nobody bellyached about it. Everyone said “Merry Christmas” and enjoyed the season. Everyone, everyone got along very well. I think back then that people who hailed from other religions and countries accepted the fact that this was America and America was established as a Christian nation by Christians. Even so the United States allowed free practice of any religion. Nobody wanted to change things, nobody wanted to change America back then because if they did , it would no longer be America. But now, they want to change it. No country can exist that tries to accommodate everyone. It’s impossible. We are shooting ourselves in the foot by trying to please and appease everyone.

The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey

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So the Man ordered his Boy to get off, and got on himself.
But they hadn’t gone far when they passed two women, one of whom
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I always try to remember that there are usually two sides to every story.

My question is when did the Rabi start his protest of the trees? Was it right when they went up in November or was in back in March, April or May when planning for the Holiday decorations was being discussed? Didn’t he know that they went up every year, giving him plenty of opportunity to dialog with the Sea-Tac management about his concerns? Did Sea-Tac not acknowledge his concern and try to make this right?

If the Rabi just started his complaint when the trees went up in November, then that was not right on his part. He should have given plenty of time for the management to act on his requests. He now is the one who looks as though he is not tolerant of other religions.

Seattle appears to be a very tolerant and diverse city. I remember the City of Seattle rallying around the Jewish community when recently a gunman went into the Jewish Center and shot and killed innocent victims. I do not see anyone rising too much of a fuss over Jewish Holiday Symbols being placed in the airport.

As we all remember that this holiday season (and all of the religions celebrating this time of year) is a time for Understanding, peace on earth and good will toward man.

Peace to all of you this holiday season! (even without the greenery)

From the eastern side of Washington State.:slight_smile:


This is a good point. Christmas trees are not an official Christmas symbol, they more of a seasonal secular one. A Christmas tree is merely something beautiful to decorate with tinsel and lights.

I think the Rabbi would better spend his time in more worthy pursuits than this cause. It merely antogonizes everyday people. This type of action is borne out of bitterness and resentment. It’s an overtly hostile act on his part, in my mind.

Christmas is mostly a seasonal expression of our culture. The secular aspect of Christmas is something most of us all share, and it seems like this Rabbi is playing the part of the Grinch. :frowning:


No. That’s different. We don’t ask Christians not to wear crucifixes. A person is not an airport.

So what about Cribs ? those offensive too, saying Happy Christmas ?
I mean it’s so horrible for someone to wish us Happy Christmas especially at Christmas time.

This is a Fox news issue. Not a real issue, IMO. People say Merry Christmas all the time without it turning into a media event.

[quote]I know where my money is going and where it isn’t, and it won’t be going into the pockets of those that want to tear down Christmas.


And who would that be? Is it so terrible that merchants say Happy Holidays so as not to offend anyone? Does that really detract from the commercialization of Christmas?


Really? Then why did you refer to it as a “Christmas Tree” twice? The fact is that it has taken on a religious significance. Just as the star of David is not a religious symbol, it has taken on its own significance depending on the time and place.


No it was a political event and the power of your money, (another story) not the Happy holiday thing. (people biting the hand that fed them)

Does that really detract from the commercialization of Christmas?

And why are they on holiday, could it be because of** Christ**mas ?

More and more cards are being sent without religious symbols on them, so yes sadly it is just about making money and having a good time without Christ, seems like we don’t want to invite Jesus to His birthday party.

Here’s another view…Christmas: crucified by do-gooders.


We live in WA and I saw the Rabbi on TV this morning saying he was “appalled” they took the trees down (because now the don’t have to put up the menorah). He didn’t ask MONTHS ago…it was only weeks ago. Before Sea-Tac could figure out what to do legally (who would make the request next – should others be represented before they asked – getting all the symbols) the Rabbi’s lawsuit was going to be filed.

*After consulting with lawyers, port staff believed that adding the menorah would have required adding symbols for other religions and cultures in the Northwest. The holidays are the busiest season at the airport, Betancourt said, and staff didn’t have time to play cultural anthropologists. *


As opposed to making money in the name of Jesus?
Merchants sending “holiday” cards do so in an attempt not to insult potential customers. Merchants that send holiday cards saying “Merry Christmas” do so in an attempt to encourage potential customers. Neither are doing so out of religious conviction. I don’t recall seeing Wallmart at shul this year? Did you see it at church? :slight_smile:


And here’s what the rabbi actually said:

Everyone should have their spirit of the holiday. For many people the trees are the spirit of the holidays, and adding a menorah adds light to the season," said Bogomilsky, who works at Chabad Lubavitch, a Jewish education foundation headquartered in Seattle’s University District.


The store fliers in the Sunday newspaper don’t even call the trees “Christmas Trees”. They are called “holiday trees”. The airport probably could have gotten around the fuss by saying they are “holiday trees” without mentioning the name of any particular holiday.


And I suppose those making birthday cards are making money in the name of said person.

No matter what we sell, someone makes money out of it, it’s called profit, and without it a business can’t sustain itself.

Even religious shops have to make a profit, it’s called economics, anyway, someone will always feel hard done by, he got his wish, the trees were removed, so what next ?

Rabi appalled indeed, he got his wish, please spare us the crocodile tears.

I don’t recall seeing Wallmart at shul this year? Did you see it at church? :slight_smile:

Can you explain, I never was much good at trivial pursuit ?


I doubt that would have stopped a lawsuit, although whehter the airport would have prevailed or not I couldn’t tell you.

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