Christmas Wish


I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas holiday and a special prayer for all those like me who are navigating the single life. :cool::grouphug::harp:


Merry Christmas to you, Luvz2travel, and to all CAF members and staff! :wave:

We went to our family's annual Christmas get together already, so it's just my dh and me for Christmas Mass and dinner. It's not the same as being alone, but in a way it is since we are so used to one another--those married for many years know what I mean. We're going to go to see a film, probably the new Narnia film and do a bit of last minute shopping, plus a doctor's visit on the 23rd for both of us. Christmases are like that for us--quiet times at home.

I hope you, Luvz2travel, and everyone has a lovely Christmas filled with peace and God's grace. :highprayer::christmastree1:


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