Christmas Yard Signs?


In my city (midwest), I occassionally see blue yard signs with white lettering: “Keep Christ in Christmas”-

Does anyone know how/where to get one?

It seems like with all our efforts at Christmas decorating, this sign might be the most important to bring the true message home all who pass by.

Thanks for any thoughts- Todd


I don’t know about where you live, but in my neck of the jungle they have been passing them out at the Baptist Churchs.

You might try the internet. If you did a search for “religous signs” or maybe type the message itself in the search bar, I’m sure you’d find something. I’ll look, and if I find it, I’ll re-post.



Cool thanks! There are some other posters on that site that I’ve never seen before. Thanks again.


[quote=pira114]Cool thanks! There are some other posters on that site that I’ve never seen before. Thanks again.

No problem :thumbsup:


Thanks for the above info!!

Even if you don’t get a yard sign- I encourage all who read this to have a nativity scene of some sort (there are many varieties) as part of their display.

Also, when I ran out of stamps the other day, I thought I will buy extra Christmas stamps (Madonna and child) and use into the next year. It will also send a message to the post office that there is a demand for it, not to mention all the people who will see it on letters, bills, etc… in the upcoming months.

…anyway I digress :smiley:


I did not see a yard sign offer in the Knights of Col link. Did I miss it?


[quote=MJE]I did not see a yard sign offer in the Knights of Col link. Did I miss it?

Program Materials

Keep Christ in Christmas

Each year the Knights of Columbus supports the Keep Christ in Christmas campaign to remind people that Christmas is above all else a holy day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. To help deliver the Keep Christ in Christmas message, the Order offers a variety of posters and other materials as well as public service announcements (PSAs) for radio and television.

Local K of C councils also participate in Light Up for Christ ceremonies as detailed below.

Implementing the Keep Christ in Christmas Program

To participate in the “Keep Christ in Christmas” campaign:

  Display the two Keep Christ in Christmas posters available from the Supreme Council Supply Department: For Unto Us A Child Is Born (a Nativity scene, #2760); and Light Up For Christ (#2757). Smaller versions are available in the Christmas Clip Art flyer (#2759).


[quote=MJE]I did not see a yard sign offer in the Knights of Col link. Did I miss it?

When the Knights do a promotional they do it through the local KC council. So, you’d have to ask your local council (at your parish or maybe a neighboring parish) if they are ones who have the signs.


If anyone lives in central New Jersey our Youth Group just had “Keep Christ in Christmas” signs made up to sell as a fund raiser. It’s a beautiful sign with red lettering and a dark green Nativity scene. We are the Church of the Nativity in Fair Haven, New Jersey.

Blessed Advent to everyone!:angel1:


I live around the corner from a public school. There is a house directly across from the school that puts up a nativity. It can’t be on school property, but every child coming to school sees it every day for several weeks!! —KCT


That is so cool! Thanks for posting this thread!!! I would like one for our yard, too!!!:slight_smile:


Knights of Columbus is erecting these billboards, maybe they have the yard signs as well, we also get Pro-Life Sunday and similar signs and banners from them.


I do this every year (until the rates change) so most of my mail has this stamp, since we ditched the postage meter when the rules changed, we also do this at the office. I had to wait but they are finally available so I will be getting all I can afford.


Thanks for posting! :thumbsup: Very cool


We have offered “Keep Christ in Christmas”, “Wise Men Still Seek Him” and “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” yard signs for a number of years. We use proceeds to to help fund a camp for disadvantaged youth, Wildwood Hills Ranch, which is a place for disadvantaged children with a Christian focus. You can find it all at


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