On another forum I participate in, a person asks a 3-fold question,

I was wondering what the Catholic view of Christology was; the churches view on does Christ intervene now or is this the role of the Holy Spirit; and the role of evangelism in the Catholic church.”

I would love to answer him as he explores the Catholic faith, but I am embarrassed to say, I haven’t any idea what “Christology” mean, exactly. Anyone familiar with the term that can help me understand, so I can give him a good answer?

I don’t know how to put it in a way you can understand, but the way I understand it, Christology is that branch of theology which focuses on the nature and person of Jesus. One of the issues in this field is to determine just exactly who Jesus is, and what His exact relationship to God the Father is like.

That’s about my understanding of it too.

Christology, as it sounds, is the study of Christ.

There are two primary types of Christology; Low Christology, and High Christology

High and Low is not to mean High is better than Low.

High describes the Divine Nature of Christ; Low describes the Human Nature of Christ.

The Gospels are good examples of High and Low Christology.

The synoptics (Mark, Matthew, and Luke) are examples of Low Christology. Although, there is no denying the divinity of Jesus, these evangelists emphasize Jesus the Teacher, Preacher, Philosopher, Prophet, Rabbi, Physician, etc.

John’s Gospel focuses on Christ as the Divine.

The High and Low Christology is most apparent when looking at the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew and Luke, where Jesus is traced through human generations (Matthew from Abraham to Jesus; Luke Jesus to Adam ((albeit, then to God), and John’s stunning 1:1 puts Jesus, the Logos (Word) with the Father before all time (certainly before the incarnation).

The Catholic view on Christology? Jesus possesses both natures; human (with the exception of sin), and divine. He is man, and he is God; as John says, “The Word made flesh” that dwelled among us.

Peace and all good!

Yes. When I was studying for Lay Ecclesial Ministry certification, the Christology professor also delved into what Christ knew about His Divine nature, and when He knew it.

Thanks a bunch for the explanations! That helps me understand the questions.

(I gave a short answer, as did others, and recommended Frank Sheed’s “Theology for Beginners” which delves DEEPLY into the topic.)

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