Christopher Check's article on Abuse Crisis


I hope it’s OK to post this topic. The magazine articles on the Catholic Answers page don’t have an option for comments. If this is not an OK topic, please delete, and I apologize.

But if the topic is ok…what does everyone think of the article?

I thought it was excellent, and I printed it out so I can study it even if I’m not around a computer. I thought it provided a very realistic, factual analysis of the abuse crisis, and I wish that the secular press would do the same instead of implying that most of the victims were little children.

Is anyone going to try the 40 day fast and prayer?


Can you add a link to the article?


It’s one of the magazine articles on the Catholic Answers page.


There is already a thread on this in Catholic News: A Father's Thoughts on the Current Crisis


Excellent article🙏


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