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Today my son’s 3rd grade teacher at his distance learning said that Christopher Columbus was not a nice guy. He killed a lot of people and was a traitor. He said when he was growing up and when and when the kids parents were growing up we were all the the wrong thing. He said everyone was taught Christoper Columbus was a good guy. The teacher said that we are not gong to celebrate the Columbus Day anymore instead the indigenous peoples day. I would like to email the school superintendent about this and other concerns I have about what’s being taught for a 3rd grade since I do have the email of the superintendent. Am I am afraid once my son’s teacher finds out about my complains he is going to be treated differently or kicked out of school because of the crazy world we are living in. Even if I am anonymous when I email the superintendent they will find out and both my son and I might be in trouble. Should I risk of being in trouble and email anyway?

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We need to keep Christopher Columbus in the context of the era he lived in, and not judge him with a 21st Century mindset.

Listen to the true story of Christopher Columbus here:


Also, this Papal Bull prohibited the enslavement of the Native Peoples of the New World

Sublimus Dei
On the Enslavement and Evangelization of Indians
Pope Paul III - 1537

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Name one that was intentional.

From whom? He was Italian, but Italy was not yet a unified country.

Aboriginal, not indigenous! And why not celebrate BOTH?

Yes, and, by the way, as someone of mixed American Indian/European heritage, I find that condescending to people of MY HERITAGE since most of us are some sort of Christian. We have Columbus to thank for that.


Email the superintendent (CC the principal) and politely ask if it’s part of the approved curriculum.

It’s not that big of deal and they aren’t going to track your child down.


Don’t use an email to communicate. Send an anonymous letter. But know that it will most likely be ignored if sent anonymously.


Exactly. You have every right to send a letter anonymously, but it has much more power when you sign your name to it.


Can I suggest using paragraphs might be a good idea because your posts are very, very difficult to read.


We celebrate indigenous peoples’ day here and if one does their research it’s obvious Columbus does not deserve his own federal holiday which is why 14+ states have eliminated Columbus day and I’m sure the rest of the country will follow within the next decade.


I would report it and add the historical facts about Christopher Columbus.

This is just rubbish…

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Columbus was neither the hero that some people tried to make him out to be in the past (and to a lesser extent now) nor the mustache-twirling villains others try to make him out to be.

I do question whether he should have his own federal holiday, though (though Indigenous Peoples’ Day is honestly kinda goofy itself). I think they should just remove it and make Juneteenth a federal holiday instead.

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Columbus opened the Americas to European exploration, making possible the eventual creation of the USA. He also was concerned about bringing Christianity to the people he met. He was a great explorer.

Columbus was also a lousy governor, brought slaves back to Spain, and initiated contact that led to the deaths of millions.

Columbus achieved something significant when he made it across the Atlantic, and this achievement should be celebrated. The whole of the American continents’ history is divided into “pre-Columbian” and “post-Columbian” eras, and all of the statue-toppling in the world cannot obscure just how important his voyages were.

You want an “Indigenous Peoples Day,” make one and celebrate the accomplishments and culture of the first inhabitants of the Americas. Don’t replace celebrating Columbus Day with the celebration of those first inhabitants’ victimization.

That is a very good presentation. What the elites want to impose on us is an equivalent to millennia quarterbacking.
Applying our today’s moral standards (which would not exist save for the Catholic Church) retroactively to people and events of the past.
And yet they are quite happy to brush aside the modern atrocities committed today by their comrads.


I’m not sure that I care that much about Christopher Columbus. Not a hill to die on.

Except next they’ll be coming after Thanksgiving, and then Independence Day.


Why are you concerned about contacting the superintendent, principle or teacher and them finding out who you are.

If something in the curriculum bothers you, or is wrong, point it out.

Simply state that your child had nothing to do with it, and he should not targeted by the teacher.

If you do send a letter or email, make sense. If you just put in a bunch of crazy talk it will simply be ignored. If you have valid, logical complaints they will respond.

who are they and why Thanksgiving and then Independence day?

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Here’s a question a kid at this school could reasonably ask one of the teachers in class. No need to go anonymous. It’s a simple question that shouldn’t be difficult to answer. Here it is:

Fifty million people, all of them Latinos or Hispanics, live in Colombia, a country named for Christopher Columbus. How many of them, if any, have requested their government to change the name of their country?


The bull was revoked a year later as capitulation to Spain, so that’s not a good example.


According to Wikipedia;

In response, Paul issued Sublimis Deus on June 2, 1537. … According to Falkowski (2002) Sublimis Deus had the effect of revoking Pope Alexander VI’s bull Inter caetera but still leaving the colonizers the duty of converting the native people.

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