Christopher West on Nightline


Did anyone see?


I didn’t like it. They made it sound like Christopher West originated this and I think they kind of stuck to the prurient topics. And the way the journalist made it sound like he regards JP2 and Hugh Hefner as sort of parallel inspirations is so shameful. We know for a fact that Christopher West is so strongly opposed to pornography and his true opinions can so easily be known with just a little bit of searching.


Agree to all of the above. His contraception analogy seemed to fall flat as well. As one poster on the ABC website pointed out–“Don’t cut of your neighbor’s head with a chainsaw not in the Bible? It’s called the 5th Commandment.”

I’ve seen Christopher West speak many times and been to his Head and Heart Immersion Course. I don’t think we caught even a glimmer of the message as he is able to deliver.

I do think the best line was, “If God is love and we’re kicking God out of the bedroom, what is happening in the bedroom? It’s not love.”:thumbsup:


True, a couple of good phrases were allowed to be aired, like how he quoted the Scripture that man must love his wife as Christ loved the Church. Apparently eight hours of interview were chopped down to seven minutes of interview.


What did you think of the bulimia analogy? That’s a slightly different angle- I though it worked.


I agree the Hugh Hefner thing was unfortunate but I think it could of been much worse. They had plenty of material they could of taken out of context. For just 7 min and it being secular media I didn’t think it was too bad.
Who knows the Hefner thing may get this message to the people that would not normally receive it:).


Typical of the news media. It sounded like he made the stuff up.


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