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Apparently West is taking a sabbatical to review what he’s been doing with the Theology of Body:

I’m a bit concerned with this: I started taking my faith seriously after listening to Jason Evert and West. What do you think this means? And what does it mean for sexual ethics, especially given this site tends to recommend his “Good News about Sex and Marriage” book?

Please pray for him!


It means wonderful things!

I know West personally. He is always open to the criticism he receives and takes it very seriously.

When he was under such huge amounts of it last year, it affected him greatly. He is always reevaluating his methods. Last year was hard on him, which then affects the rest of his life. He needs time to focus on his family, get strong again, and possibly mold his style a bit differently if he deems necessary.

He just came to st. louis last month for 5 days of speaking. He became ill. Last time he came to st. louis for 5 days, he became ill. He’s tired and needs a break.

He hasn’t lost his zeal or anything else. Everyone needs a break, and priests take sabbaticals also.


I’ve only just recently skimmed Good News About Sex and Marriage, but the previous poster was right. People (especially speakers and professors) go on sabatticals all the time. It’s not unheard of, and he’s hardly the first.

I have my own opinions on Christopher West, based on my brief introduction. I’m neither a huge fan nor a major detractor, but I’m not going to explain my opinions right now.


Good for Christopher to take a break, he definitely deserves it! Take heart in what God has given us with his ministry. The gift of Theology of the Body is soooooo (SOOOOOOOO) misunderstood and undervalued in this day and age, but it is a message that needs to be out there. As agapewolf mentioned, he (CW) has been under fire lately, but Jesus told us that this would happen, “we would be persecuted for His name’s sake.” That is when you know you are doing what you are called to do as a Catholic.

Don’t be so quick to make an assessment that a sabbatical is a bad thing.


The books are still there for us to recommend and read. The message is still there to be passed. Even if he’s not actively involved, he’s turned enough of us on to it that it should sustain it’s momentum while he takes a break.


He’s a man with a family and a large touring and speaking schedule. That alone is hard on a family.

I’d doubt his wisdom if he didn’t take time off after such drama


What kinds of things has he been criticized for?


mostly for stuff that didn’t happen. Criticism against things he didn’t say and methods he doesn’t use, so it actually shouldn’t really be glorified here.


This might sound odd, but I think a big problem is people expect too much from him, on either side of the spectrum.


[quote="valient_Lucy, post:9, topic:195073"]
This might sound odd, but I think a big problem is people expect too much from him, on either side of the spectrum.


Agreed...I think he deserves a break....:)


Poor Christopher West :(. He got unjustly accused of terrible things and he absolutely SHOULD take a sabbatical. :mad:
As dear Jimmy Akin said on his blog, he is a “man on the side of the angels”. :slight_smile:
People review where they are going with their work all the time. Sheesh. :confused:


I think the main thing was an interview he did with one of the networks where they chopped it up and took sound bites (way) out of context.


What’s interesting is that there is even sensationalism in the Catholic reporting.

here’s the TOB institute statement:

Institute Research Fellow Christopher West recently began a six-month sabbatical from teaching and travel for personal and professional renewal. The Institute’s Board of Directors and Christopher have mutually agreed to the time away.

While the Institute regrets this interruption to upcoming 2010 events, we will continue with our roster of education and outreach programs, and will offer other faculty members and Theology of the Body instructors for teaching during this time.
Christopher is taking this leave to attend to family needs, and to reflect more deeply on fraternal and spiritual guidance he has received in order to continue developing his methodology and praxis as it relates to the promulgation of the Theology of the Body.


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