Christ's blood shed for all vs for many - Fr. Faber


I’m reading The Precious Blood by Frederick William Faber, DD (1860)

Fr Faber says: “There was once a narrow minded heresy which denied that the precious blood was shed for all, maintaining that it was shed only for a chosen few. Like all heresies which depreciate the grandeurs of Jesus, it was an especially soul-destroying heresy…”

He says “the object of the Church, like the object of the precious blood, is universality.” -
“It is an institution for the express purpose of making salvation easier, shorter, safer, more various and more universal.”

I know he’s not speaking about the words of consecration here, but I’m confused. Any help appreciated. Thanks.


The idea is that Jesus Christ shed His blood for all humanity, but only has effect if one personally accepts the sacrifice - daily (any mortal sin is the rejection of the Father’s Mercy). The Will of the Father is that all humanity will be with Him in glory. Unfortunately, there will be people (number unknown) who will reject the Sacrifice of the Son by either refusal to believe or by dying unrepentant of mortal sin. Jesus’s sacrifice cannot save those who refuse to be saved, yet all of Heaven weeps for even one soul that is lost.


I see. Thank you.


i think he’s talking about predestination. calvin?


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