Christ's name used in vain. Not Allah?

For many years now the Lords name has been taken in vain in movies and theatre. “Family” movies like Back to The Future have Marty McFly saying, “J…Christ Doc” as well as many others. Some films, our favorites, if reminded, would shock, if you saw the frequency that God is mocked.

I have rarely if ever seen a film where the regular use of Allah or any other major religious “figures” name is used to swear. I guarantee you, if this was about Allah’s name being improperly used there would be a major uprising. With Christianity and the name of Jesus Christ being denigrated almost nothing is said. Can we see the hypocrisy ? What a backwards culture we have evolved into. The Judeo-Christian birthed America says nothing of Christ’s name being degraded but the Middle Eastern philosophy prevails in influence.

I am sure many Arabic Catholics who use the name Allah to refer to the one true God would be rightly upset were Allah to be misused. We are indeed generally more lax about it in the west to a large extent, some of that is down to the fact that as you rightly point out the usage of Christ’s name has been trivialised at times.

If Arabic Catholics are using the name Allah they are in grave error and not truly aligned with the Catholic church. Allah, chosen out of the plethora of gods at the time of Mohammed, was a moon god. Uttering that name has no place in Catholicism. Allah is in no way the “one true God”. I do however appreciate your final sentiments.

They are in no error whatsoever, the name Allah has been used by Catholics and Christians generally in the middle-east and other areas for many, many centuries. The mass is said daily many times with the term Allah used to refer God. There is no problem whatsoever in this that I can see and nor does the Church see a problem in this as Allah is merely a term for God. The moon God theory regarding Islam is also a dubious story that is constantly aired.

It is a sad fact of our culture that discrimination and offence towards Christianity is acceptable. Anyone else is of limits, which is ridiculous. We should respect everyone’s beliefs, not pick and choose.

‘Allah’ is simply the Arabic word for ‘God’. It has just the same meaning as ‘Dios’ in Spanish or ‘Deus’ in Portuguese or ‘Dieu’ in French. I spent many years in the Middle East and often use the Arabic phrase ‘Insha’Allah’, which translates as ‘God willing’. It doesn’t matter what language I use, I’m just saying ‘God’.

Agreed, I would no more insult a Muslim’s faith than I would a Jew or a Hindu or a felllow Christians. As you point out Allah is merely a term in another language for God. In Maltese the term for God is Alla due to the particular history of that nation, yet you would be hard pressed to think of a nation more overwhelmingly Catholic than that one.

Yes, you and they are in error. The fact that Catholics have been using that name does not justify it. They use it because it is the prominent name for God in that region and has been since the time of Mohammed.
Allah was being worshiped as the chief god (among numerous ones)in the Kaaba in Mecca before Mohamed made him (them) monotheistic. Muslims will not accept this, but history is not on their side. Muslims believe Allah to be the correct name to worship God.
This is the big point. Is the god of Islam the same God of Christians and Jews? If you said yes, then you are traveling down an even more dangerous road. A name used is important. Your right that one could say the Arabic name for god is Allah-- but what has that name been applied to. Do you think Jews would would accept using an Arabic word for God other than Yahweh, Jehovah etc.

The origin of the word Allah is connected to a god NOT of the TRUE Abrahamic faiths. Of course Muslims will say otherwise, but as Christians we should know the one true God. Allah as the name for god even used by Christians in Arabic countries or elsewhere is a pacifier, and shamefully so. Don’t fall into the reconstructed history that defends Islam by disregarding all that “moon god nonsense.” In modern times there has been a complete re-writing of Islam’s history as to prop it up and avoid offending this rapidly growing religion, especially in our country.
The name that has never been ascribed to God in the scriptures is Allah. As a Catholic, I’m sorry to say they are wrong on this issue.

From the Catechism:-

841 The Church’s relationship with the Muslims. “The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.”

In addition your views regarding the faith of our fellow Christians in the middle east and elsewhere who use the term Allah when praying are misguided. You should investigate the linguistic roots of the term Allah and in particular you may find the Aramic term for God which is rather similar to be of interest.

Additionally, unless you happen to be an Irish citizen or live in the UK as I do at the moment we are not from the same nation. I am aware it is easy given the background of many members here to assume all forum users are US citizens but that is far from been the case.

Do Muslims who “acknowledge the creator” worship the triune God you and I do? NO. Is Jesus just an apostle of God as Islam claims? No. The church is wrong to align itself with Isalm as the same God. If you mean to say Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke, show me the word Allah in scripture. I have done the study. And again, even if you want to hold to Allah just meaning god in Arabic, who was that name (Allah) ascribed to? Not the God of Abraham who reveals himself in three persons that Islam denies. You have fallen down the slippery slope. The “we’re all one” approach is contrary to scripture. If there is one true God (John 17:3) then every other god is a false god, including Satan.

If we pursue your logic Jews must worship another God besides the true God of mankind as they also do not acknowledge Christ’s divinity or a triune God. Who are you to set yourself in judgement above the Church that we should listen to you in preference to the magisterium? No-one has contended all faiths are equal or that ‘we are all one’. Please do not introduce rhetorical strawmen into the debate.

I understand how the trinity and Christs deity were not the best ways for me to approach this. Let me put it more clearly. According to the Cathechism of the Catholic Church 1 paragraph 841," Muslims together with Catholics adore the ONE merciful God." I understand that you are grieved by my statements, I am as well. If you want to believe that you worship the same god as Muslims that’s your business, I’m telling you that I don’t and names are important. There is no Allah in the bible ,period.

There is also no Dia or nor Bog which are the names members of my family would use when praying to God in either Irish or Russian. It is not a question of what I wish to believe, you are saying that Arabic Catholics are mistaken in the title they use for God and setting yourself above the Church in doing so. That is worrying.

Wear it as a badge of honor. If Christian lynch mobs were active they wouldn’t do it

For our OP, you have contended that Allah is used to refer to pagan gods, if you are going to pursue that argument it is worth noting that Elohim which in the Bible is often seen as referencing God is used to refer to more than one deity in the text. Also that term and Allah quite possibly spring from similar roots as Hebrew and Arabic are related semitic languages. The term for God in Aramaic used by Assyrian Christians today is Alaha. The divinie litugy used by many Arabic Catholic and Orthodox faithful uses the term Allah, if there were any problems with it’s usage by those in communion with us one would have to question why the Church has not spoken against it.

Why do followers of Islam say, "there is no god but Allah? Are they saying there is no god but god? Why don’t they say there is no Allah but Allah? The name Allah is designated to a specific god, the god of Islam. The natural evolution of words is why Christian Middle Easterners use the word “Allah” instead of the generic term because Islam is infused into the culture. The word Allah is assumed to be synonomous with a monotheistic culture. Allah has name designation implications while Irish or Russian names for a God do not.
Eloheim, supports the Christian concept of the trinity. Remember, "let US make man in OUR image. Eloheim was not to imply polytheism. Hebrew scholars has wrestled over this name because they believe in one God but can see how Eloheim expresses more (the trinity) but are unwilling to embrace it as we see it.

Quote:*There is no Allah in the bible ,period. *

I presume you read Arabic fluently…and Aramaic?
You seem to have a realy big axe to grind. Why not turn the mirror
on yourself & figure out why this so upsets you?
A trip to your local iman might answer your questions.

They all acknowledge the ONE God.

johnnyjones: You really need to do some research before you accuse us of error. Allah is simply the Arabic word for “the God”. It is related to the Hebrew word “Elohim” and the Aramaic word (the language of Christ) Alaha; so when Christ was speaking of God, he was essentially using the term Allah. It is the pre-Islamic word for God, and the Muslims took it when they took many other aspects of our religion (such as long periods of fasting, and prostrations) as there is nothing new in Islam.

To accuse those of us who use this term in our Divine Liturgy of error is extremely insulting, but I know you’re doing it out of ignorance and not maliciousness.

In answer to your OP, I would rather not see blasphemy in any language, whether it be Christ, Masih, or Allah.

Peace and God bless!

Thank you Ghosty, it is good to have a voice from the Eastern Catholic Churches to support the points I was trying to make.

Hey, thank you for sticking up for us. :slight_smile:

Peace and God bless!

Are you ignorant? Allah is arabic for the word God. Just like how in Deus is latin for God. You make no sense, using your logic if I went to a latin-rite mass if they said Deus in reference to God they would not “truly” be aligned with the catholic church.

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