Christ's suffering


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I think it’s so important to think about the suffering of Our Lord. I’ve been feeling lately like I should do this more.

It’s almost unbelievable that God would let Himself be killed by His own creation. and not only killed, but also treated with so much mockery, hatred, disrespect… it must have been unimaginably painful…not only His physical suffering, but emotional and spiritual as well. I think the more a person loves, the more they’re able to suffer for that love. If Jesus loves us infinitely, imagine what His sufferings must have been! and the suffering of Our Blessed Mother too, as she stood by His side, because she loves Him so much!

I’ve wondered, why did Jesus have to endure so much…why did He have to die so painfully? and then I was praying the Rosary and I read the reflections for the Sorrowful Mysteries in my booklet… and it said, He wore the crown of thorns because of our pride… He was scourged because of impurity… in everything that happened, He offered reparation to the Father. And that’s when I realized, He suffered so much because His love is so great and because the sin of the world - our sin - is so great. If there had been no impurity, for example, He might not have had to be scourged. And just that knowledge, that sin - my sin - caused all this, …wow… I just don’t understand though, how through all that He loved us! Even though it was our sin that was causing Him all this suffering, even that didn’t make Him bitter or angry. He only prayed…“Father, forgive them…”

and now too, when we repent, Jesus accepts us so readily and unconditionally… He is so glad we’ve come back to Him, even though we caused Him such pain. I think that is what true love is…

and then I think of all the ways He is still offended today… people stealing the consecrated Hosts and destroying them… so much distrust, unbelief, hatred, etc… and then I look at my sins, and I really don’t understand, how could He still love me like this? how could His love be so unconditional? and my heart is so poor and what can I offer Him that’s of value…but how can anyone not love Him, seeing His suffering?


Ever read a book called ‘The Mystical City of God’? You can read a highly condensed version at A must read for any devout Catholic.


God sent a Savior to mankind to redeem mankind after what occurred in the Garden of Eden. Jesus showed His Love through suffering since this is an expression of love to which we can relate.

There are many symbolisms between Adam and Eve and Jesus that helps make this atonement clearer. Also contrasts between the Old Law and the New Law.

-Adam and Eve descended from the Garden of Eden through pride; Jesus (died and) ascended above through humility.

-Adam and Eve’s sin began in a garden; Christ’s physical Passion began in a garden.

-Adam was allowed to bring one olive branch from Paradise before he descended to the earth. Once on earth, Adam planted it and the wood from that tree became part of Jesus’ Cross.

-The Paschal lambs slaughtered for sacrifice were first washed in the pond near the sheep gate and then in the Pool of Bethsaida. At one point during the Passion, the angry mob poured dirty water over Jesus saying now Thou hast Thy baptism in the Pool of Bethsaida.

-Shortly after noon at the moment when Jesus’ Cross with Him nailed to it was dropped into a hole in the earth, a distant horn could be heard which was coming from the Temple. The Paschal lamb had been slain.

-As Adam’s side was opened to form his wife, Eve, Christ’s side was open to form His wife, the Church.

Much of this according to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich.


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I find that just contemplating the crucifix teaches me so much about the love of God, that just as it says in Isaiah, I believe, that his ways are not our ways and our ways are not his ways. Christ’s suffering teaches me that suffering is where love can be found, this is where salvation is found. The world tries to do everything it can to avoid suffering, the world refuses to take the cross that is given to us by God. The cross and the suffering of Christ and our suffering with him is what frees us. The suffering and cross of Christ is life giving. The “pleasures” of this world lead only to death.

The suffering of Christ teaches me I have nothing to give him, but he has everything to give me, and amazingly enough, he wants to give it to me. He offers me a cross that will give me life. Will I take the cross from him, or will I take the cross of the world. That is a question I have to answer anew each day. And it is his suffering that gives me the answer.



One of the most poignant scenes in Mel Gibson’s “Passion” is when the torn, broken, exhausted Jesus crawls towards the cross on the top of Golgotha in order to allow himself to be crucified.


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