Chronic knee pain got worse x.x

I’ve dealt with chronic knee pain for the past two years, nothing huge, just enough to give me a weird half-limp and slaw me down a little. My knee recently swelled up, and no matter if I maxed on Advil without ODing it didn’t really help. My doctor put me on some anti-inflamitories, and those helped immensely. He said if this came back, I might have to go see a specialist again. Well, it came back. I have no idea what the specialist will recommend. I might have to get surgery to fix it, once and for all, but it’s the sort that will have me in bed for 6-8 weeks or something like that. x.x Please pray for me? I can deal with pain, but this pain means that my cartilage is wearing away(to clarify, this is NOT rheumatoid arthritis). Please pray that either the doctors are able to fix this, or I learn to accept it as a cross and bear it as cheerfully as possible.

My prayers for you :gopray2:

Praying that God will give you relief from you pain.

Will remember you in my prayers.:gopray2:

Sorry you are in so much pain, Praying for you!

I pray that Architect of all life touch you with His healing hands and restore your knees to full health. May our Lord’s blessings be upon you.

At this time you are, through your pain, being given the grace to offer it all to God. Unite it to the Passion of Jesus Christ so that you may make up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ for His body the Church.

You will be remembered at Holy Mass and in my Rosary each and every day from now on.

You have my prayers for your knee my friend. I pray for God’s healing touch and strength for you. :gopray:

Prayers for your healing of heart and mind. We hope it can be easily fixed and you are up and around in no time at all. The Good Shepherd watches over all his lambs, especially the slower ones.

I’ll say a Glory be to the father for you my friend

I understand what you mean, I will offer your wishes up at my next rosary. (I do them a lot)

I will pray for your healing.

I pray that your health will improve. :gopray:

Thank you all so much! I have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, so I’ll see what the verdict is. Praying the Sorrowful mysteries when I walk to work and back is really helping me right now. Jesus went through so much suffering and pain, I’ll survive… and I try to offer it up for the sake of the unborn at risk of abortion, but at the same time I want it gone! :o Thank goodness for eternal rest! :stuck_out_tongue:

You have my prayers.:crossrc:

Okay, had the appointment. He gave me a whole pile of anti-inflammatories, and a referral to the specialist. Now I have to wait until they give me an appointment. Ah, the joys of free health-care… Good for cultivating the virtue of patience. ^^

Well, I am continuing to pray, not just for your health, but for an increase in the speed of your health care providers.

Thanks very much for your prayers!

I’m sorry, I kind of forgot that most people on here are American. It’s kind of a running complaint/joke in Canada about how slow our health-care providers are, but hey, it’s free! I was being a tad sarcastic, I’m really very thankful for our system.

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