Chronic Masturbator. PLEASE HELP!

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this thread but here goes. This is quite embarrassing but I am in desperate need of help hence why I signed up here.

Recently, against all my religious teachings and as a flat out contradiction of my moral compass I began to watch porn aged 16 after never doing so before. Porn of all kind, inter-racial, anal, transexual, you name it, I’ve seen it and lusted over it. I knew it was bad, I knew I would be condemned to hell for it but I couldn’t stop myself. It was like I was being possessed by some other-worldy being.

My addiction is out of hand now, I’m ejaculating at least 6 times per day and I even went for one in the toilets during mass due to finding a girl sitting next to me so attractive.

Is there anyway out for me? Or am I condemned to hell forever? I tried praying to the Lord God and his Son and even Mary, with no luck so far.

Any advice is appreciated.

I hope I can offer some advice.

Anything can be an addiction. We think of the obvious things as being an addiction such as alcohol, food, lust, drugs, etc. However, less obvious ones may be an addiction to social media, internet forums, watching the news, etc.

You need to pray about this issue. And REALLY want to change (which I know you do, if you’ve taken the brave step of coming here to admit it). If it helps, at the beginning of each day, after you wake up, pray and ask God to help you with this issue: tell Him that you cannot do it on your own. If necessary, say it out loud: “I do not want to do this today and I will ask God to help me.”

Practical steps can help with any addiction. I was too involved in Facebook at once, checking it several dozen times a day, signing up to different groups, etc. So I deleted my Facebook account. I try to keep my days very busy.

Think of something positive - anything - that you could be doing instead of that. For instance, when I decided to stop using social media, I was able to spend more time in prayer, more time walking, more time helping others, etc. God has given you time. There are so many hours in the day. I am sure you can find something that will be a more positive use of your time. Could you perhaps sort out and donate some personal items to charity that you no longer need? Is there a nice walk by where you live? How about going for a coffee with a friend and just catching up?

Good luck. We’ve all needed God’s help with different issues. I think key is to start your day off well. If you can start with prayer and reading a passage from the Bible, that’s a start.

I am struggling with some of the same things. You are not alone. I want to tell you that it is possible to heal. I can claim honestly before the Lord that there was a period of one year in my life when I did not masturbate at all. I am not Catholic at this time, so I cannot go to confession. But I am sure any Catholic would tell you that you need to start there.


First things first. Breathe. Second, this is probably not the most appropriate forum to vent on this issue. But you know what is? Here:

Join that group and, before you become overcome with your own despair, read up on the struggles others have and what strategies we have implemented to allow God to help us.

Addictions, even serious ones, can be overcome. They require a radical reorienting of one’s life. It is not easy and there will be times when one falls down. Sometimes there are many falls. But the question is whether your next step will be a step towards God or a step away from Him. Even if we are on a treadmill that is pushing us away from God, are we trying to run against it and facing Him? Or are we giving up and resigning ourselves, out of despair or shame or anger, to a fate where we are parted from Him?

Breathe. Read. Pray. Then maybe talk about your struggles in the support group. God bless.

Say the Rosary every day. I believe it was St. Louis de Monfort who said that you can’t have serious sin AND the Rosary in your life at the same time. You will give up the sin, or give up the Rosary, but your life cannot contain both.

**Prayer really helps!

Eucharistic Adoration!!

Confession. Weekly at the minimum.

Busy yourself. Fill your day with activities. Drop down and do as many pushups as your arms can handle. Go for a jog. Breathe deeply. Pray as you breathe “JESUS CHRIST, Protect my purity”.

Before you go to bed, drop down and do pushups until you are dead tired

Install filters such as K9 software on your computer.

If it doesn’t fix, tell your parents. Perhaps the fact that you have to disclose this to them will be enough of a help for you to stop.

Please don’t despair!! CHRIST loves You. HIS Name is “EMMANUEL”-St. Matthew 1:23. This means that GOD is with You. Imagine that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are your constant companions. Call upon the name of JESUS CHRIST in temptations, and the demons will flee.Bind all evil ,impure spirits that are affecting your life to the foot of the Cross in the Most Holy NAME and in the Most Precious Blood of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Demons have no power over the NAME or BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST. Pray the Rosary, DAILY! Demons hate Our Lady. Ask Our Mother in Heaven to grant you a share in Her Purity and humility. Pray that Your desire to masturbate may be destroyed in the furnace of Love that is the HEART of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST. No lust has ANY power over the love of the SACRED HEART. JESUS CHRIST is on fire with love of You. HIS HEART is on fire with love of You! GOD is crazy in love with You! Read Sacred Scripture daily. At least the Mass Readings or meditate on the Gospels. Pray to St. Joseph, patron of purity and to St. Augustine and St. Maria Gorettit for the gift of chastity.

Try fasting or some other penance at least one day of the week. Then increase it.

Finally: DO NOT DESPAIR brother!! We are all sinners and are all in need of CHRIST’S Mercy.

Kyrie Eleison! Christe Eleison! **

And no, you are not damned to hell forever, as long as you keep praying, receiving the sacraments, and trust The Lord.

well at least you know you are wrong and want to fix it. So in my experience, I hear and read a lot about God’s word so I can get closer to Him. And I suggest you to listen to christian song and pray a lot. But for the first step, you need to convince yourself that you want to free from this bad habit. The second step, you need to throw and delete everything about porn video or images you have. The third step, you need to focus on God by reading and understanding His Word. Watch videos about God’s Love and I will pray for you that you will understand His love through Our Lord, Jesus and let that Love implanted in your heart. If you appreciate His Love then you will stop that habit.

I have gone through it before and right now I am FREE from that wretched habit:D:D:D
since I am free from this habit, I get closer to Him and understand a lot of things about him and I see changes in my life.

If you want to ask something you can just message me and I will be praying for you(and you need to tell me to stop praying after you have been free from that habit of course!:p)

God Bless you:thumbsup:

Habitual sins take time and lots of patience to overcome.
Confession a must. Keep trying self control. Never give up.
These acts always, always… start with thoughts usually after
seeing certain things with the eyes. Pray the rosary daily.
Controlling these impure thoughts usually come after gtting married.
REMEMBER: The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
Daily rosary, confession when necessary, avoiding occassions of sins
a must. These impure thoughts never go away completely. All humans
are affected. Be patient

Besides prayer, I recommend putting the computer away and doing some type of activity. As a personal example, I’m heading out in a few minutes to do a P90x routine, other basic exercises for my sash testing, the my forms routine. After I’m done with that, the last thing I’ll be thinking about is sex. Works great.

It is unlikely to happen overnight, but if you work toward this goal, you can eventually achieve it.

Thanking all of you guys. I think your reassurance really did help me. I’m already stronger in combating my issue. I’ve reduced the amount by half and I’m staying away from the nastier fantasies and media. You guys are the best, God bless.

Like anything, it’s an addition.

Have you gone to Celebrate Recovery in your area? They have a group for men’s sexual addictions.

It’s a process, so get RID of the material that makes you sin. Throw it in the garbage today. If it’s on your computer, throw your computer in the garbage. Throw away any papers, anything with indecent stuff. Any picture on ur phone, delete.

Next: (very important) Plant a picture of JESUS where you used to have this material, and put holy water and a shrine to Jesus. Have a priest come and bless your home.

Next, do not look at women. Sit next to a guy or in the back of church

Hope this helps…

Several days ago, I searched food that can help you to decrease your libido. I mean the sexual desire. I do not know what you eat but the source I looked at, says that you should eat less of these foods: mangoes, peaches, strawberries, bananas, avocado, celery, raw oysters, nuts in general, eggs, liver, figs, garlic and chocolate.

Maybe some of those foods are healthy and anti oxidant, but you can switch to other fruits or decrease the intake.:slight_smile:
And these are the foods that might lower you libido:okra, soy, ,mint, graham crackers and cornflakes:D

you can also do some cardio or weightlifting, I have read it before, it can decrease your sexual desire and might distract you.(it works well for me):smiley:

I do not know this will work, But it could at least keep your sexual desire low. But right now, you need a strong willpower from God to break that habit:p

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