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Hello. I’m new this forum. I am looking for a chronological list of NT books according to Catholic scholars. Anyone know of one?


Would Catholic scholars have different dates than other scholars?


Story chronology, or chronology of authorship?


I a looking for chronology of authorship. I know that many dates are in dispute. Some sources say James might be first, while others say I Thessalonians. All of the websites I have checked are from Protestant (many Evangelical) points of view. I would like a Catholic perspective.


Some Protestant commentaries say that the Gospels were written by the Apostles Matthew, Mark and John themselves. In my biblical studies class, we learned differently.


If you don’t mind digging for the answers, start with this very Catholic resource:
from Books of the Bible
and the same information is available here in a more convenient web format (in my opinion):
from New American Bible (Revised Edition) - Book List
Each book is provided with an Introduction which has historical information including dates of authorship. Sometimes they give a very precise date, sometimes less precise, depending on the information available to the biblical scholars. In the USCCB website, the introduction is sometimes not listed separately in the Book List (see, for example, 2 John), but is included in the first chapter.

If I had more time, I would dig and extract the dates you requested, but it’s a busy week here. You will find lots of other interesting history if you do it yourself. Enjoy!


Thanks for the info. I don’t mind doing research at all. Keep my mind sharp.


Generally, the Scholars, both Catholic and Protestant, do not completely agree on the dates.


There is not a single Catholic perspective on chronology.


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