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Hi. I've tried searching the forums to see if there was a definitive Catholic NFP book, but I had no luck. I thought it would be an easy search, but I couldn't find it. If anyone can direct me to a good NFP Church approved book, I would appreciate it. I'd like to give one to my daughter for Christmas. Thanks for your help.


The Art of Natural Family Planning by Sheila and John Kippley is Catholic based. They include a whole chapter on church teaching and stuff.


The Couple to Couple League is active in many Dioceses.

You can shop through their store at:


Not sure what you mean by "church approved" as NFP is usually geared more toward the subject of biology and the nitty-gritty details of how to detect fertility signs...

Here are a few good links that may be useful, though:


Thank you one and all. Exactly the answers I needed. I started out looking at one book and now I'm up to a whole set of learning materials for $150! An investment in the future, right? Pretty cool. Thanks again.



Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach by the Kippleys (2009) is an instructional NFP book with support for Church teaching that has an imprimatur. It is available at amazon, at, and at We recommend the spiral version for learners. It is also free online at the website given.

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