Chuck Schumer Demands Investigations of Trump Firing NSC Staff

Naturally. No surprise here. I would be surprised if the IGs fall for this poltical stunt.

This MIGHT come from the House (McConnell won’t put up with this in the Senate), but the Democrats are stil licking their wounds from the last week or so and may not have the stomach to begin another fake grandstand

Chuck Schumer Demands Investigations of Trump Firing NSC Staff

Trump impeachment witnesses lose their jobs



10 Feb 2020

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Monday called on the nation’s 74 federal inspectors general (IGs) to protect whistleblowers from retaliation as President Donald Trump began purging Obama-era holdovers and other officials from his National Security Council (NSC).

IGs are internal government watchdogs who are expected to operate independently of political leadership in government. . .

Here is what Schumer REALLY shoud be calling for an investigationon on . . . (See next post) . . .

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Flashback–‘Obama’s War on Whistleblowers’: More Prosecuted as Spies than Ever Before

BERLIN, GERMANY - APRIL 06: Former U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to young leaders from across Europe in a Town Hall-styled session on April 06, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. Obama spoke to several hundred young people from European government, civil society and the private sector about the nitty gritty of …

Sean Gallup/Getty Images


3 Oct 2019

The Obama administration waged war on whistleblowers during its tenure, reportedly prosecuting at least eight leakers under the Espionage Act – more than under all former presidents combined.

Members of the Obama administration also reportedly retaliated against whistleblowers, namely those linked to the federal government’s gun-walking scandal known as Operation Fast and Furious.

Until Obama took power, the government had almost entirely reserved the Espionage Act for spies.

Referring to the former president on January 13, 2017, the Washington Times noted, “When he entered office in 2009 and waged a war against this community.”

Meanwhile, other apparent leaks, made by individuals described by the Guardian as “administration insiders” in March 2015, went “entirely unpunished or” were “treated, as in the case of General David Petraeus, as misdemeanors.” . . .

Trump’s comparison of the “whistleblower’s” source as a “spy” amounts to an “incitement of violence,” Schiff said. . . .

. . . Schiff, who came into office in 2013, has been silent about Obama using the Espionage Act to target whistleblowers. . . .

Obama changed course as he was rigging and entrenching anti-Trump operatives Obama probably began this thinking he needed protection from Hillary) within the swamp before leaving office though.

. . . Near the end of his administration, it appeared the former president had a change of heart and showed an interest in protecting government whistleblowers and other official leakers.

He implemented executive-branch directives and signed a bill into law to protect whistleblowers and members of the inspector general community.

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Yes, it was expected. President Trump has the right to
fire who he wants to or reassign them. I certainly would not want someone on my team who I knew was working with others behind my back to spy on me hoping to catch me in something I did they thought was wrong or creating a mistruth about something I
did or said. You want people who are ready to work
for the team .


[quote=“Cathoholic, post:1, topic:590728”]
Naturally. No surprise here. I would be surprised if the IGs fall for this poltical stunt. . . .

Oh, the dems in congress would love another fake grandstand. It gets their lazy butts out of real work, like enacting decent laws that make this nation a better, safer, and happier place to live.

It speaks volumes for Prez Trump that the nation is less than 10 months out from the next presidential election and he is just now releasing Obama holdovers from their positions. I cn say that indicates he is more of a business man than a politician.

Once politicians are sworn into office, the first task they accomplish is letting all of the people from the previous official’s party go, especially if the previous elected official was from the opposing political party.

Maybe if the President had given these folks the pink slip within the first 100 days of his presidency, there wouldn’t have been all the psychobabble and impeachment that wasted tax payer monies. . . .


Trump had every right to ask for both LTC Vidmans to be reassigned. But, should he?

His supporters think this classless bush league move (they were leaving by then of the month anyway) is cool. Okay, whatever.

There are experts on the Ukraine and Russian. There are not Republican officers and Democratic military officers. There are simply military officers.

To the second point, yes, he is vengeful like a business man who doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

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And, we’re off!

Not about that. He already marginalized them and shut them out of meetings. This was simply petty “you can’t quit, I’m firing you” from the leader of free world, who can’t let a score stand unsettled.

It was political, and personal. And classless.

I said they were experts, you said they were midlevel bureaucrats. YAY! We’re both right!

Hmm. I don’t remember that. And, even so, who cares. You just said he was just a mid-level bureaucrat who wasn’t making policy.

Or, alternatively, you don’t want someone who called out your “drug deal” to the people who provide oversight still around to call out other wrongdoing.

Confidentiality has never extended to subpoena demands or criminal behavior. However, it the parties believe they were fired vindictively for being a whistle-blower, that should only be a civil matter that is decided in the courts, not the Congress.

Thought for the month: He becomes guilty of rash judgment who, even tacitly, assumes as true, without sufficient foundation, the moral fault of a neighbor. Catechism of the Catholic Church

Yes. I suppose that if we want to allow Presidents to operate like businessmen, we need a Board of Directors.


Yes, with several independent directors. not his kids.


He’ll never make flag rank. He’s an FAO. It’s interesting, but takes your career off the main line onto a siding.

Nor do you make something right by obfuscating the purpose.

Rudy G is still digging dirt up on the Bidens, with a direct line to the Justice Department. Come on, it was always about Joe Biden as a rival.

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But asking China to do it? That’s really getting desperate.

Oh, yes, I’m sure Joe Biden is incredibly corrupt, so corrupt that the DOJ can’t trust the FBI to investigate, but instead needs a 75-year-old Trump sycophant to finally get to the truth.


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We do…they’re called “voters”


What is the allegation about Joe Biden? Specifically, what did he do? What?

People in power have friends. People in power take care of friends and family. People who curry favor with power people do things for their friends and family. That, on it’s face, is not corrupt.

I’m surprised that Trump supporters go down this path. Ivanka and Jared have absolutely no business being in the west wing. They are there to enhance their brands and get in on the Trump presidency gravy train. Don Jr is, likewise, benefitting from the Trump presidency by campaigning, writing, and generally trying to enhance his brand to run for office.

So, glass houses and all.

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Nope. It isn’t.


But, to the outside world, they seem totally unqualified. No other President would seek them out.

Sort of like Burisma thinks that Hunter Biden’s counsel was valued even though you disagree.

They have no power to mount a recall election of the president.
Moreover, the voters, by all accounts wanted a fair trial with witnesses from the Senate. The lacked the power to get that and by large margins feel that the senate trial was unfiar. T

dvdjs . . .

Moreover, the voters, by all accounts wanted a fair trial with witnesses from the Senate.

Maybe, by all accounts they wanted a fair trial with witnesses from the House.

We let “the process play out”, and it was still a fake case against Trump.


Wait… All this wailing and gnashing of teeth is because they were reassigned (yes reassigned, they still have jobs) a month early???

Yeah. I was under the impression they were fired.

Trump needs to get rid of these people!

By marching them out of the building? :roll_eyes:

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