Church and validity

Dear Rev. Fr.:

I am doing reasearch on the Church and validity. In my search I found
many independent clergy as well as Churches all claiming valid orders. I
came across a site which
lists Churches in Union with Rome/ not in union with Rome. There are
lists of independent bishops and their successors. Again al of these
lines of succcession claim to have valid orders. These lines stem from:
Arnold Harris Mathew, Joseph René Vilatte, Antonio Francisco Xavier
Alvarez, Abdullah Aftimios Ofiesh, Basil Evdokim Mikhailovich Meschersky,
Antoine Joseph Aneed, Archbishop Méléce Sawoya, Antoine Lefberne,
Maran Mar Joseph Emmanuel II Thomas,
The Lefebvre/Mayer Consecrations for the Sacerdotal Society of Saint
Pius X.
The Mendes Consecration for the Sacerdotal Society of Saint Pius V.
The Cornejo Consecrations for the Traditional Catholic Church.
The Alleged Charbonneau /Agagianian/ Tappouni Consecration for the Union
of Churches and the World Missions.
The Alleged Pintonello Consecrations for the Assisi sedevacantists.
The Costa Consecrations for the Catholic Apostolic Church of Brazil.
The Ngo Dinh Thuc Consecrations for Various Groups.
The Alleged Sánchez Consecration for the Mexican National Catholic
The Various Consecrations for the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association.
The question is are akk if these Churches abd or bshops valid? Naturally
I do understand should any of these do something crazy such as ordain
women this would be invalid. I am aware that there must be proper matter,
form and intention. Are all of the above clergy valid so long as they
follow tradition? Are any of the bishop above valid/ not valid? If the
churches they formed follow the 1st 7 Ecumenical Councils only never to
stem from or fall away from these teachings do they reamain valid? Thank

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