Church Buildings

For the Christians here.

What kind of church building to you prefer?

I prefer a traditional style as far as shape goes. My church is not ornate. The walls are plaster, not stone. There is no stained glass. It’s bright and cheery, but not modern. (It was built in 1933.)

Stained glass is nice, and I like old churches and especially the old cathedrals, but it doesn’t bother me to not have stained glass windows and other very ornate decoration.

But I really don’t like modern buildings. There are a few round churches here, and I think they’re awful. They were built in the 60’s and 70’s, and they look like it. Some have staiined glass, but they’re done in the abstract style that was so popular then. Ugly, imo, and not conducive to a good experience in church–they creep me out.

What kind of building to you prefer. If it really makes no difference to you, what kiind of building would you construct if you were the one who would be making the decision for your local church?

I like the older Catholic Churchs…there is just something about them that touches my heart. :thumbsup:

Gothic…flying buttresses and all :slight_smile:

I prefer older church buildings, but I particularly prefer a sanctuary in the shape of a cross - with transepts.


I prefer the simple Quaker Meeting Houses with no ornamentation, no crosses, no stained glass pictures…no pictures inside the Meeting Room, simple pews or chairs and the Clerk’s Table to the side of the “facing bench”.

When Gothic architecture first appeared, it was considered a debased and ugly style compared with the usual Romanesque.

That’s why it was called “Gothic”–from the Goths who were barbarians.

I prefer the old style to both modern and baroque/roccoco. My two favorite churches that I have been in are St Mary’s OLD cathedral in chinatown, and the Anglican Grace Cathedral on Nobb hill, both in San Francisco California.

Another beautiful church I have been in is St Seraphim Eastern Orthodox in Dallas.

The reason for so many plain looking Modern churches is that traditional gothic architechture is prohivatably expensive to build and maintain, modern is cheap relatively.

Interstingly enough the lovely Grace Cathedral while looking gothic is actually made of poured cement, to withstand earthquakes.

But your typical parish just can’t afford such things.

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