Church can reject gays, single mums
This law brings victoria inline with other states such as new south wales.

Here in the US it is illegal to ask someone’s marital status in the hiring process and has been for a while.

I think this is ridiculous, Does this mean that any non Christian company/ organization can refuse to hire you because you are a Christian, and your beliefs,way of life doesn’t tie up with theirs,

Nope not at all. If a non Christian company refused to hire you because you was a CHristian they would have the pants sued off of them. But if they were a jewish buddist school or org then yes they can. which is fair enough.
And i don’t think its ridiculous at all. For example. If you pay good money to send your kid to a christian school. Then you want them there to learn about Christianity. Not what some wierdo hippie thinks they should learn. So i think its great. At least the parents now know that if there is someone at their kids catholic school telling them. that the holy mother wasn’t a virgin or didn’t remain a virgin. their school can now say " on your bike loser" and not worry about getting sued.

I’m not aware of any specific rule or law like that. Do you have a cite? My understanding has been that it is an unwise move, because in most cases an employer would have a tough time justifying the question, while an unhired applicant would have a strong case that the purpose of the question, and its effect, was unlawful discrimination.

Ok I’m checking it out. You could be right, but so far all the sites I have come across states it’s illegal. But I’m looking for the specific law or statute.

Ok did some more research…it is illegal to specifically ask about marital status, family & children-during the job interview or the hiring process. After an offer is made to the candidate then that is different. Interestingly enough the reason in regards to the marital status was because married women were being discriminated against simply because they were married.

I did puruse the US Labor Dept website…it has a wealth of information.

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