Church claims Halloween trick or treaters 'side with the Devil'

For many children it is simply the time of the year to don fancy dress in the home or charming the neighbours out of a few sweets. But a church magazine has shocked parents by warning their children would be ‘siding with the devil’ if they go trick or treating this Halloween. The article, called Halloween Isn’t a Treat - Don’t Be Tricked, warns parents trick or treating was amounted to ‘extortion and blackmail’ and ‘condemned as criminal the rest of the year’.

Residents in the picturesque Vale of Belvoir, which straddles the Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire border, were told in the article that the evening of October 31 was simply a ‘concentration on evil’ which made ‘fun of potentially dangerous situations’. The article appeared in the Belvoir Angel magazine, which is distributed by the Vale of Belvoir benefice, a group of nine parish churches in the area. But it’s sparked anger in local villages, where residents described it as offensive and upsetting.

Mariel Heald, a mother-of-four who lives in Stathern, Leicestershire, said: 'The article is so intense, saying that anyone trick or treating is Devil-worshipping. We don’t think of it that way, it’s just a bit of fun. ‘I volunteer at my local church and take my children to my friends’ homes. ‘The churches have gone over the top and I find it quite offensive and upsetting. I’ve spoken to other people who have also been shocked.’ Around 500 copies of the monthly magazine are either sent to residents of the area who request it, or left in churches for people to collect.

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I think your headline should have said “Local church magazine” or “church group” not just Church. When you say Church that implies the entire Church not just some small group of crackpots.

I didn’t realize this was so unusual as to be noteworthy. A good half of the churches around here are vehemently anti-Halloween.

Perhaps, but the rules of this forum are that the title of a thread is to be the same as the headline of the article cited. In other words, Lemonbeam didn’t get to choose the title.

I assumed it was just one church which was taking that position. Here in the US, its not an uncommon view among some Evangelicals.

My absolute favorite variation on this was a few years ago, when Halloween fell on a Sunday.

Numerous non-Catholic churches made a big deal about moving trick-or-treating and dressing up for Halloween to some other day (probably the Saturday.) Money quote one on-fire mother as cited in the local paper: “We won’t allow our children to do the Devil’s work on a Sunday!!!”

Leading me to wonder-- but you’re okay with them doing the Devil’s work any *other *day of the week??? :rolleyes:

I’ve never understood this opposition to a fun day of dress up and candy…



Jesus wept(at the frank stupidity of some adults who equate this with devil worship):eek:

I do not allow my children to celebrate Halloween. I don’t believe the day in of itself is bad or the way we celebrate it now but after researching this holiday and realizing the roots I made a decision that it would not be celebrated in our house.

One other thing that pushed me further into the decision was that Halloween started being bad, Kids and grown ups were being hurt. when I was a kid we had to go through our candy to make sure it wasn’t tampered with now as an adult I have to watch for violence and look through my kids candy. Nahh way easier to buy candy at the store and watch a movie, cheaper too.:smiley: We do,do all souls day on November 1st in rememberance of those who have been called home the kids like that one.:thumbsup:

Let’s keep our kids in incubators until they’re 40.There is WAY too much paranoia about crime and criminals when statistics from North American police departments show that violent crime is on the decrease(probably due to the aging of the population.)

No one knows how to have good, clean fun anymore. :rolleyes:

I know what I see and what I see is that it’s just to risky to do. Maby I just live in a bad neighborhood but still I think that a decision like this is basicaly Percieved danger over fun. I feel that there is danger that does not outwiegh the fun so I choose not to perticipate. Maby halloween is not bad, i will give you that, but on the same token maby we should look more to what halloween is about and the dangers out there today and decide from that if it is worth the risk.

I agree!

s4angel then tell us what you think Halloween is about? Perhaps those of us who see no harm in trick-or-treating will understand better why you think participation is not a good idea?

Brenda V.

Hallowmas, including all Hallows Eve, All Saint’s Day, and All Soul’s Day make a good trio, I think. Halloween symbolizes the world ruled by the devil, and it’s darkness and death. All Saint’s Day symbolizes the triumph of Christianity over death and the devil. All Souls symbolizes the hope we have of eternal life. I don’t mind it so much.

On the other hand, I never allowed the glorification of death, or that blood and guts stuff in my home. My kids have been hunters, Indians, Aladdins, Angels, Anakin Skywalkers, you know, masquerade stuff. I always minimized the death and gore business.

Protestants don’t have the All Saints’ Day component, so I can see why they would want to reject it, but, all the worse for them, IMO.

When I was 10 years old during the Cuban Missile Crisis the nuns used to have the whole school grades 1-8 go into the underground tunnel between the school and the Church to practise for the expected Atom Bomb attacks.We used to pray the rosary for peace.Believe me, for all you younger folk out there the threat was real and deadly serious.Can you imagine being 10 years old and expecting to be blown up at any moment?One of the prayers I used to say was for the Russians to drop the bomb AFTER hallowe’en.An event that I looked forward to every year as it meant CANDY-something that was rare in our large Catholic family.It had NOTHING to do with devil-worship,either deliberate or inadvertant.It was about Fun and Candy.Period.

Stop cosseting your kids! It is no more dangerous than it was in my day.If you’re so concerned accompany them as I used to do with mine.The poor children of today have no concept of the FREEDOM children enjoyed in the '50’s and '60’s.Don’t tell me it’s more dangerous today-the media has scared adults into total paranoia.

Tell me about it! I think the problem many Christians have with my faith ISN’T that we worship other gods (which to you guys would be demons and I understand why you folks wouldn’t like it) and work in the occult (again I can see why) or that we often promote things your religion believes to be spirtually, emotionally, psychologically and/or even phiscally harmful.

The issue is we often seem to happy and to always be having fun.

I bet it has to do with Chick Tracts taking a look at some of them and how they protray Druids. Ankhas? Hexagrams!? Worshiping Satan by name!? Worshiping a “sun god” called Samhein (HINT: There is no such diety) and above all WEARING BLACK ROBES!? The Druidic robes where always WHITE!

an of course he connects it all to Catholicism.

Tell me about it and once those closseted kids are on there own they are the most wild and uncontroled as they never HAD that kind of freedom before or anything near it and without someone to crack the whip they have no self control.

Of course once they get that control they tend to become Pagans… sooo um [SmartDonkey]nevermind keep closseting your kids! We need more Druids! :thumbsup:[/SmartDonkey]

As some one said, this debate is an annual occurance here. From a Fundamentalist mindset, it makes a certain sense. With blood and gore costumes, haunted houses and the association with the dead, it is understandable. This is one more advantage Catholicism has: more candy.

BTW - my son’s costume is my signature for now.

I used to love Halloween! A Catholic priest spoiled it for me by saying that Catholic Christians have no business celebrating the High Feast of the Pagans. Yup - that did it for me!

Of course, we could return back to our Catholic customs and REALLY celebrate the true meaning of All Saints and All Souls day!

I don’t see a whole lot wrong with kids going out trick or treating on Halloween. Nor, within bounds, do I object to “haunted houses” and things of that kind. Kids love to be scared, as long as it’s not a truly serious scare. There might actually be some good in that; perhaps it helps them conquer fear in other things.

People are almost inherently pagan, and Halloween certainly isn’t the only borrowing or residuum from paganism. I told my kids all about the origins of Halloween and how all the ghost, goblin and witch stuff represents a fear and superstition-laden former time, and that those scary images; much worse in the past and taken literally, are part of what Jesus Christ liberated us from through his life and death on earth. He, in effect, “de-fanged” images and symbols of former beliefs, and the Church continued that process by following Halloween with All Saints’ Day.


This "druid religion: stuff may seem like harmless fun, but, I think it is reckless and foolish. I gave up new age stuff when I was old enough to drink legally. Dumb as I was, I recognized stupidity when I saw it.

Seriously, though, there is nothing funny about conjuring up spirits. Believe me, they are not your friends. The fact that it is so popular shows how far in left field the culture has wandered. Read some of the threads that talk about the struggles former occult practitioners go through. Some of them would make your hair curl.

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