Church [CoE] offers prayers after same-sex weddings – but bans gay priests from marrying


Gay couples who get married will be able to ask for special prayers in the Church of England after their wedding, the bishops have agreed.

But priests who are themselves in same-sex relationships or even civil partnerships will be banned from getting married when it becomes legally possible next month.

The blanket prohibition opens up the prospect of an embarrassing rebellion from gay and lesbian clergy who choose to tie the knot.


This is so bizarre! If the CoE believes that same-sex marriages are sinful (or impossible), then why offer prayers of thanksgiving? That would just be offensive to God. Conversely, if same-sex marriages are A-OK, why prevent priests from entering into one?


No, none of it makes sense. Its all religious political correctness that rejects true Christianity. The CoE is unraveling by the day.


The Methodist Church in the USA is starting to unravel as well over this having defrocked a Minister who married his gay son and partner.-

The Gay agenda ( no judgement here just description) has caused an overt schism in the Episcopal Church in the USA as well as creating trouble in the Evangelical Lutheran Church (who do have a conservative Synod to which those who disagree can go)

The Roman Catholics and Orthodox as well as Conservative Judaism have held to their teachings

It is no surprise that the Church of England is due to suffer the same fate as the USA Episcopal Church - once the Genie of human sexuality is let out of the bottle there is no going back

If the ECUSA reelects Bishop Schori next year it will be the last nail in the coffin for ECUSA


This has always confirmed what I thought, that the Church of England was one of the more conservative parts of the Anglican Communion. Here in the US, and especially in my state, the Episcopal Church was one of the first places to jump on the same-sex wedding bandwagon - rainbow stoles and all.


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