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Okay I love God, i am thankful and try to grateful as much as I can. But the problem is that I’m not close with the church community (the people that take part in YG, Catechism). I would love to have those church friends that stick by my side and be officially part of the community and help me strengthen my faith. Ive known them for quite some time cause ive been attending this church when i was just a kid. but the thing is I am shy. everyone knows that i am shy.These past 2 years, I’ve been trying to open and try to be my true self (which is being goofy, nice, giving support etc). the church community knew i was shy since middle school. so its kind of hard to change my image from being shy to being who i am. you have to really know me to see my true self. they see me as this shy guy, who dont talk as much, and is lazy. so what can i do to change this shy guy image, cause now whenever i meet new people im very open and somewhat talkative. im going to become a counselor and ill try to participate in events as much as i can

also i kinda need to talk more about problems like this, but i feel its a little too personal, so hopefully i can PM someone? thanks and God bless


help please?


Hey wth101,

You seem like a very dedicated person so I'm guessing that things can't be that bad as you paint them. In the community a lot of times people will use expressions like "that's what he always does", or "that's just how he is" but that doesn't mean we can't change the perception we give to other people. What you are doing is the right way, changing the way you act and trying to be more open. People will realize this sooner or later. Also, don't be afraid to communicate. Ask people what they thought about something you did (without sounding too arrogant of course) to know how their perception changes. Smiling is always a plus =) if you smile when doing things in the parish they will see that you are happy being with them and doing those things.
If we can help you with anything in particular I'm sure anyone here would be willing to help. You can ask anything.
Take care and God Bless you.


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