Church Councils Text in Original Languages

Is anyone aware of where I can get or find the full text of the documents of the 21 ecumenical councils in their original languages,( such as Latin and Greek)? Online would be fine or book form would be fine.

I’ve been looking into Church history and was able to easily find the full text of all the council documents translated into English but I’m interested in learning more and gaining a more accurate understanding of Church history and what the councils taught. Also does anyone know where these exist if these even exist in book form in English? It would be even more awesome if they are available in Greek and Latin in book form, available to purchase online.

I’m expecting the Latin/Greek texts to be hard to find and these books not to exist because I’ve been looking hard for them, with no results.

Here are the Vatican II documents and all you need to do is select the language “latin” so you can view them as you desired. I haven’t the time at the moment to look up any others, but you may want to do further searching there on your own.

The reference edition I know is this one Bit expensive though, but you might be able to find it in a decent library. I imagine your diocese would be able to point you in the right direction.

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