Church Counsels Women Addicted to Pornography

To the wide array of programs offered by evangelical megachurches like Westside, the group adds what Ms. Renaud says is something long overdue. While churches have addressed pornography use among the men in their congregations and among the clergy, a group for women who say they are addicted to pornography is new territory, she said.

“In the Christian culture, women are supposed to be the nonsexual ones,” said Ms. Renaud, who also runs an Internet site called Dirty Girls Ministries, choosing the name to attract people searching for pornography. “It’s an injustice that the church is not more open about physical sexuality. God created sex. But the enemy has twisted it.”

But Mr. Gross said: “The problem is, most churches have male leadership, and if you want to pitch an event like that, they’ll say, ‘Our women don’t struggle with that.’ This is going to be the next wave, but you’re going to get a lot of blank stares. ‘Really? Come on, this isn’t a big deal.’ ”

I’ve often heard that women are just as interested in sex as men, they’ve just be taught to be ashamed of it and keep it under wraps. Perhaps the ease of finding porn on the internet is undoing some of that conditioning?

How we spend our time is the substance of our life.

Don’t feed addiction.
Garbage in, garbage out - for everyone.

With the exception of a news program, watch EWTN.
When reading, read those only books that will help get you to heaven. There are more good books than you can imagine.

Pray rather than sitting on the internet.

Your eternal life with God depends on it.

There’s that word again…addicted.
Turn it off, don’t pick it up, don’t continue drinking it, puffing on it, swallowing it, reading it, looking at it, doing it, etc., etc.
Self control and personal responsibility have gone the way of the dodo bird.

I encourage you to start a new thread if you want to discuss the existence or non-existence of addiction in general. This thread has a far narrower focus. It’s no different than going into a thread about transubstantiation and saying “This is all moot since God doesn’t exist anyway.”

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