Church covenant


I joined a Baptist Church which had a covenant hanging on the wall. I never recited or signed the covenant but when I joined it was pointed out as basically this is our beliefs type thing. The covenant talks about joining together in the covenant and among other things to abstain from alcohol. My question is if I have left that churchand am in rcia and my views on Drinking changed am I bound to not drink? Thanks


You are not bound to abstain from alcohol. That covenant is not binding upon you.


Nope. Baptist-type prohibitions against alcohol, while well intentioned, are not Biblical or part of Christian tradition. Learn what Christ and His Apostles taught, not what men taught.


People who prohibit the goods of the earth that Jesus enjoyed, and made such a real component of his greatest gift to man worry me. Whether you drink alcohol or not is entirely up to you. You are not bound by any covenant you read on a church wall when you join the Catholic Church that always has allowed alcohol in moderation as one of the many licit joys of this earth.


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