Church ‘credibility and moral authority’ have been undermined in Scotland, says Archbishop Tartaglia

Newly appointed apostolic administrator for St Andrews and Edinburgh Archdiocese in Scotland is frank and humble in the wake of Cardinal Keith O’Brien resignation and admission of sexual conduct not becoming a ‘priest, bishop or cardinal.’

”I think there is little doubt that the credibility and moral authority of the Catholic Church in Scotland has been dealt a serious blow, and we will need to come to terms with that," the Archbishop Tartaglia of Glasgow said in his homily during a Lenten station Mass at St Andrew’s cathedral in Glasgow last night in which he also acknowledge of hypocrisy of the situation.

Archbishop Tartaglia, however, says we must not ‘throw the towel in.’

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I agree with the Archbishop that we should not throw in the towel. But we should use it to clean the house.

Good one! :thumbsup:

The credibility and moral authority of the Church is undermined by the error of its Cardinal? Hypocrisy? Might as well say that it would be wrong for an emphysema sufferer to condemn smoking.

Only if the emphysema sufferer denied or hid the fact of being a smoker, Santi.

“Hid” and “denied” are the operative words here, Kaninchen. And, truthfully, the Cardinal is last on my list where those are concerned.

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