Church, deaf students square off on Italian TV

ROME - Three deaf men who say they were repeatedly sodomized and abused by priests as children confronted the church diocese Friday about why it hadn’t punished their abusers, saying they want justice.

The three men, first interviewed last year by The Associated Press, appeared on a prime-time talk show on Italy’s state-run RAI television, squaring off with the spokesman of the Verona diocese amid a swirling global sex abuse scandal that has inched closer to Pope Benedict XVI.

I have to wonder about something.

People lack faith in their (our!) priests, yet, by their very outpourings of shock and doubt directed against the Church, they express blind faith in the media, science, and politics.

They say priests are ‘just people.’ Yet their doubts are never directed against those others who are surely also ‘just people.’ People who control the flow of information, and who control their very lives.

They seem to think it’s impossible for these people to have an agenda either. Only the Church has an agenda.

I know whose agenda I support.

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