Church definition of "drug"


It is using the term the way it commonly gets used…not meaning things like alchol…which is covered earlier.

Trafficking. Innocent people can be killed or put in jail through the various and chaotic circumstances that trafficking creates.

If marijuana is bought and used legally in Colorado, then there is no foreseeable risk of an innocent person having their lives inadvertently destroyed by that act. The abuse of marijuana would, among other things, consist of using it outside of the bounds of prudent usage and moderation, the same as alcohol or caffeine. You don’t drink alcohol at work or before driving etc…

The emphasis is on the effects not the material object. So yes, do not try to smuggle alcohol into Saudi Arabia or music into North Korea.

This is too complex for certain audiences. Could you put it another way.

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One can say the recreational use of such* is abuse*. Not something for moderation but for avoidance.

Very different than alcohol and caffeine.

See CCC regarding the different categories.

Seems to me that marijuana would fall into the “drug” category of the CCC - not for recreational use.

See the various statements of the Bishop in the other thread.


Pope Francis.


The Pope is clearly talking about drug addiction. Do you think everyone who has ever used a drug of any kind is an addict? Are you an alcoholic if you have the occasional beer?

Again…please see that the CCC distinguishes between “drug use” and alcohol.

Ok, are you a chain smoker if you smoke a cigarette at some point in your life?

Edit: Again, you may be right according to the CCC, and I’m not a pot smoker. I just wish someone would explain the reasoning here, other than “drugs aren’t good for you.” Which, fine, that’s true. Neither is eating triple cheeseburgers, but I wouldn’t tell someone who just had a FatBurger that he/she needed to go to confession.


On occasion, I enjoy a beer with dinner…my wife might have a small glass of wine…the sole purpose of said ‘imbibing’ is to enjoy it as part of a good meal.

I’ve been around awhile - pushing 70…I’ve known quite a few people who use/ have used ‘recreational’ marijuana…I have yet to meet one who won’t admit that they smoke to get high…as you say - “It’s all about intention”.

No and it is not related to this thread.

Rather - go fish! :slight_smile:

Not the same.

I don’t think alcohol is much different than marijuana. The effects of the two on a young persons brain is similar, the effects on driving is similar, and the effects of a ban on the two is also similar.

If alcohol was not a part of salvation history, I have a feeling it would get the same treatment from Catholics as Protestants gave it in 1920.

Furthermore, the word “therapeutic” in the CCC will mean different things for different people. Failing to pray the rosary every day is not a sin, but is it ideal? Neither is ‘therapeutic’ drug use ideal, but it is not necessarily a sin. If one decides to take the word therapeutic and run over a cliff with it, then they have failed to take the word in context of the rest of the CCC.

Experts would disagree.

And what matters here is that the Church puts Alcohol in a different entry in the CCC than “drug use”. The OP is asking about the Churches use of terms…

“I join in saying no to every form of drugs. And perhaps it will do some good for everyone to say this, simply: no to every kind of drugs!”

~ Pope Francis

“If, instead, people make an idol of happiness, they lose their way and it is truly hard for them to find the joy of which Jesus speaks. Unfortunately, this is what is proposed by cultures that replace God by individual happiness, mindsets that find their emblematic effect in seeking pleasure at all costs, in spreading drug use as an escape, a refuge in artificial paradises that later prove to be entirely deceptive.”

~ Pope Benedict XVI

“I join in saying no to every form of drugs. And perhaps it will do some good for everyone to say this, simply: no to every kind of drugs!”

~ Pope Francis

Yes. This kind of reminds me of Bill clinton’s famous " it depends on what the definition of is is"

Hopefully we are still a sober enough society that if a 6 year old presented in a hospital high on pot, we could still say the child was given a drug…

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