Church fathers

Who is the last church father ? Because the Orthodox Catholics say the age of the fathers hasn’t ended , but what do you say ?

Hermann Sasse and Dietrich Bonhoeffer have my vote for recent church fathers.

Pope Emertius Benedict XVI, future Doctor of the Church

There’s some Lutherans who might like your choice. :thumbsup:


Lol, Martin Chemmiz , Mattias Flacius

Is Luther a church father for you?

Excuse me, does your church believe the age of the church fathers to be over or no ?

I suppose he is, but the more one delves into Lutheran theology, the more one learns better choices are available. Chemnitz is probably the most deserving of that that honor from that time period. Perhaps Melancthon, by Luther’s own admission.

In modern Protestant circles, I’m not sure a more learned man existed than Sasse. Within Catholicism, I agree with other posters that Benedict XVI will, in time, be regarded as one of the finest theological minds of all time and in all Christendom. I put him right up there with Augustine, and just shy of Paul. I truly mean that.



I can agree to that . :thumbsup:

I don’t think the Orthodox regard the age of the fathers over, and i personally I agree with that sentiment. Church Fathers and Mothers, men and women who taught and still teach us in the faith and influence our theology did not end with John Damascene. Saint Gregory Palamas would be an example of an Orthodox Father who is after the 7th century and whose theology has been accepted and is still studied and scrutinized in the church to this day. Ithe probably comes down to how one defines the word Church Father, because it seems to me there would be many Catholic Church Fathers from my perspective as an Orthodox Christian.

Ok, thanks for the great answer.

The age of church fathers isn’t over until Christs’ second coming. What changes is the age is the time. That’s why we need the church fathers and mothers as examples as icons as teachers of the faith. Thumbs up with Benedict 16th


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