Church forced to withdraw from adoption in Wales

[quote= The Catholic Herald]New gay rights law are forcing the Church to pull out of adoption services in every diocese in Wales.

The St David’s Children’s Society, which covers the three Welsh dioceses of Cardiff, Menevia and Wrexham, will cut ties with the bishops and become an independent charity so it can comply with the Sexual Orientation Regulations.


I agree with Neil Addison, by cutting ties with the adoption agencies so they can comply with the new law the Bishops are still allowing them to give children to homosexual couples. In my oppinion they should be doing more to challenge the law rather than to submit to it.

What does everyone else think of this?

Hopefully they will do both. Stop the adoptions and work to change the laws. In the mean time are there children’s homes that the mothers can choose if they want their baby adopted by only a heterosexual couple or don’t your laws allow this?

I believe our laws do allow this, but there are children whose mothers leave it to the agencies, there are also orphans. In those times it’s all down to the agencies and now they will have to give them to a homosexual couple if they approach them.

There’s at least one catholic adoption agency that is staying catholic and planing to ignor the rules, I think the best thing would be for them all to do this.

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