Church History and Reformation


Hello, I’m teaching confirmation classes, and I’m in need of some help. I need some links to some sites that will help me with “The Reformation”. Some good tangible information…

I already looked at CatholicAnswers and
Catholic Encyclopedia…

Are there any great sites out there that talk about the reformation with the Universal teaching on this.


How about the Catholic Catechism?

**406 **The Church’s teaching on the transmission of original sin was articulated more precisely in the fifth century, especially under the impulse of St. Augustine’s reflections against Pelagianism, and in the sixteenth century, in opposition to the Protestant Reformation. Pelagius held that man could, by the natural power of free will and without the necessary help of God’s grace, lead a morally good life; he thus reduced the influence of Adam’s fault to bad example. The first Protestant reformers, on the contrary, taught that original sin has radically perverted man and destroyed his freedom; they identified the sin inherited by each man with the tendency to evil (concupiscentia), which would be insurmountable. The Church pronounced on the meaning of the data of Revelation on original sin especially at the second Council of Orange (529) and at the Council of Trent (1546).


**1400 **Ecclesial communities derived from the Reformation and separated from the Catholic Church, “have not preserved the proper reality of the Eucharistic mystery in its fullness, especially because of the absence of the sacrament of Holy Orders.” It is for this reason that, for the Catholic Church, Eucharistic intercommunion with these communities is not possible. However these ecclesial communities, “when they commemorate the Lord’s death and resurrection in the Holy Supper . . . profess that it signifies life in communion with Christ and await his coming in glory.”

from there you should be able to find different historical references…


Thanks Leslie K.

I appreciate your help. That is just one more source of information that will be very helpfull. I have so much information now, I just need to seperate it in a logical manner, and bring it down to sophomore/junior high school level.

I also have to make this lesson fun, yet very informative in describing the solas that Martin Luther invented and how this was never an apostolic teaching.


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