Church History?

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I have a question.

Are there any online resources on the Church’s history online? By this i am referring to the Church throughout the ages as opposed to merely the apostolic/patristic era.
Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.


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The lives of the saints give a pretty good history of the church


There actually is something that I’ve recently found, but it’s not free, and not even cheap. It’s a history of the Catholic Church called “Epic”. I think it’s more for teaching but you can also order it for yourself. It’s only pre-order at this point. You can find it HERE.

I would love to be able to get this, as a matter of fact I want it really really badly, but unfortunately I can’t afford anything that’s not a necessity at this point. :frowning:

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If you know the Popes lives you know the history of the church. There are different resources for them online by doing a search. I would suggest using for a search engine so you do not end up on some site with a bias towards the Catholic Church. I book you should try is “Triumph” by H.W. Crocker

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