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I’m taking World History in high school this year. I know that a lot of the stuff on the Church is very, very biased.

Do you all have any links to good websites on things like the Inquistion, Galileo, anything on the Dark Ages, etc.

Much appreciated!

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Yes, you will inevitably be fed myriad falsities about the history of the Catholic Church. It is best to be prepared.

A quick read that will address many of your questions is “Why Catholics are Right” by Michael Coren. I found it to be informative as well as entertaining.

Here are some good ones from Catholic Answers:

**Inquisition: **


War and Religion:

I recommend gloriatv. They are always faithful to the Catholic Church’s teachings. On this site you can download and search videos just like you can on Youtube.

As Alexander posted, Catholic Answers website right here is a good source of information.

The one that I like and use the most when it comes to Church history is Catholic Education Resource Center. You can do a site search for those topics and come across a lot of articles. What is nice, too, is that many of their articles are actually excerpts from books, which can often point you towards a source for further information. It is also helpful for research purposes if you are writing papers for school.

If you look at their list of categories on the left-hand side, one of them is History - World. Browse to your heart’s content. :slight_smile:

Regarding science, you might like this article: “Fathers of Science” by Catholic Answers.

Galileo gets a good treatment in this article: “The Galileo Controversy” by Catholic Answers

I’ve divided up some Catholic articles on Church History into the periods they cover:

100 A.D. - 300 A.D. - The Age of Pagan Rome

“The Empire and the Early Church” by Catholic Answers
“The Antipope Who Became a Saint” by Catholic Answers

300 A.D. - 500 A.D. - The Age of Christian Rome

“Bishops, Barbarians, and the Battle for Gaul” by Catholic Answers

500 A.D. - 700 A.D. - The Age of Catholic Kingdoms

“The Forgotten Tales of Gregory the Great” by Catholic Answers

700 A.D. - 900 A.D. - The Age of Catholic France

“St. Boniface and the Christmas Tree” by Catholic Answers

900 A.D. - 1100 A.D. - Christendom Takes Root

“Liberating Jerusalem – The Success of the First Crusade” by Catholic Answers

1100 A.D. - 1300 A.D. - The Blossom of Christendom

“Real History of the Crusades” by Crisis Magazine
“Crash Course on the Crusades” by Crisis Magazine
Catholic Encyclopedia article, “Crusades”

1300 A.D. - 1500 A.D. - Europe Goes National

“Was Avignon the Babylon of the West?” by Catholic Answers
“Peasant Girl to Battlefield Commander” by Catholic Answers
“The Truth About the Spanish Inquisition” by Crisis Magazine
“The Inquisition” by Catholic Answers
“An Inquisition Primer” by Catholic Answers

Catholic Encyclopedia article, “Inquisition”

1500 A.D. - 1600 A.D. - The Protestant Revolt

“The Great Divorce” by Catholic Answers
“The Georgia Martyrs” by Catholic Answers
“The Battle that Saved the Christian West” by Catholic Answers
“Matteo Ricci, S.J.” by Catholic Answers
“Champion of Reform” by Catholic Answers
“Christendom’s Great Defeat” by Catholic Answers

1600 A.D. - 1800 A.D. - The Age of Absolutism

“Remember This about November Fifth” by Catholic Answers
“America’s Catholic Colony” by Catholic Answers
“Faith of Our Fathers” by Crisis Magazine
“The Church and the Native Americans” by Catholic Answers
“They Sang All the Way to the Guillotine” by Catholic Answers

1800 A.D. - 1900 A.D. - The Age of Secularism

“The Pope Who Outlasted a Tyrant” by Catholic Answers
“Convent Horror Stories” by Catholic Answers
“The Triumph of Truth” by Catholic Answers
“And the World Looked Away” by Catholic Answers
“German Catholics Under the Iron Fist” by Catholic Answers

1900 A.D. - 2000 A.D. - Almost Now

“The Great Pope of the World Tragedy” by Catholic Answers
“¡Viva Cristo Rey!” by Catholic Answers
“The Wartime Birth of a Spiritual Classic” by Catholic Answers
“How Pius XII Protected Jews” by Catholic Answers
“A Martyr for Our Time” by Catholic Answers
“Rediscovering the Catechism” by Catholic Answers

Of course, you can just google the titles and the site names to find the articles. I hope it helps, God bless!

You guys are precious, thank you!

Books by Warren Carroll, Thomas Woods, Regine Pernoud, and Hilaire Belloc are also excellent resources.

They should be available through inter-library loan at your local public library.

Hillier Belloc wrote a book called “Characters of the Reformation”. What a great book! It changed my perspective on so much of the Henry the Eighth-as-sole architect- of -the-reformation view.

If you ever read or see Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park, pay close attention to the scene where Fanny Price is reading her essay on history. It is a truly English Catholic viewpoint.

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If i may add some more

God has Laid the Foundation For Science Through His Catholic Church
The Revelation that God has given to us Through His Catholic Church, that He Built on St. Peter, has laid the Foundation for Science and Its Development. Albert Einstein, The Big Bang Theory, Galileo, The Flat Earth Myth, The “Dark Ages,” St. Albert the Great, Universities, How the Monks Saved Civilization, etc.

[**Myth : Religion Is Opposed to Science**]("")

Father Williams Responds
One of the most common objections to religious belief today is its supposed incompatibility with scientific knowledge. Also, includes a**
Free Pamphlet**

A defense of Pope Pius XII against the charge of being “silent” and not resisting the Nazi’s.

The Spanish Inquisition :The Full Story.
An important element of this story are the events before the Inquisition that led to it. (Hint : If you lived in a country that was dominated by Muslim rule for over 700 years you would better understand this point.)

St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre



Since I see you go to an Adventist school the subject of

“How the Catholic Church suppressed the Bible”
may come up. Please see

** The Catholic Church and Reading The Bible**


All the links given above soaked with charity

God bless you, Jack007, for all your work on this thread, especially linking the articles I mentioned to their online URLs and providing such wonderful resources from Defending the Bride.

Are you a contributor at that site? It has some excellent material.


dmar and John - fantastic job!!! Thank you for all the hard work and God Bless you both!

Any books by Thomas Madden would be a good source for you.

He has been on Catholic Answers twice.

His books should help clear up any unfair representations of the dark ages, the inquisition, the middle ages, and so on.

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This isn’t going to go over well in your class, but the history is accurate. #[FONT=Arial]34[/FONT]

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