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Hello, I am the parish secretery at my parish and we are almost completely out of incense and I need to know a good kind to purchase. I need something for our parish that is not too strong smelling; a clean smell; non-choking preferably becuase many people hate when we use incense because it makes them get headaches and cough. I asked out priest and he said to buy whatever I think. I need your help… I’m looking through a church supply catalog right now and I was thinking a Trinity Church Incense brand. Either the powder blend which consists of light blue powder of resins, clean and spicy; or the Trinity Floral Blend which is a pea-size granular with hints of rose garden. They are both non-choking. We recently used the Emkay Jerusalem blend which is a sawdust consistency with chunks of myrrh in it. It is a little to strong. Can someone please help me very soon.Thanks!!!

Gloria Incence (about halfway down on this page) is one of my favorites! I am very sensitive to any kind of smoke, but this doesn’t bother me too badly, even when I am doing the canting (that’s saying alot from this allergy and asthma sufferer). I can sing the Entrance hymn at the same time Father is incensing the altar, and I don’t get choked up. Most other kinds will.


3 Kings is good. has it.

Yes, 3 kings is pretty decent.

While I personally love Three Kings, it provokes complaints and coughs from a large number of parishioners.

We were using a non choking kind on a course I was taking and it looked like small gold nuggets. It made me gag because I hated the flowery scent but that was my problem, not the incense’s. I prefer an incense that smells like church rather than the pot-smell-covering odor I smelled during my years as a student in residence.

Gloria Incense mentioned above, manufactured by Christ the Saviour Seminary in Johnstown, PA, is specially blended to be non-choking and as hypoallergenic as may be.

Contact them directly.

Rather than buy pre-mixed incense of unknown origin (much of which is fragrance-treated sawdust) I buy white copal or gold copal resin off eBay. Crush it (a mixture of fine dust up to a BB-size works best) and you are left with a remarkable incense that is used in many parts of the Church.

The smoke is LUSH and white, it smells lightly sweet – very “natural” and not perfumed and it seems to do well with those who have allergies.

wierd, I have asthma and 3 kings dont bother me.
course, I dont inhale…

I second this. Stay away from saw dust varieties. White and Gold Copal incense is used extensively in Mexico and in South American Catholic Churches and Cathedrals.:thumbsup:

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