Church is powerless and less Christlike then ever


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who needs a God who is supernatural and powerful more than this world today? unfortunatley the Church is powerless and less Christlike then ever.

Really now? Let us look. When Pope Benedict XVI told Brazilians to pratice abstainence, they and the media mock the Pope and call such practice of chastity is unrealistic.

Or how about Mother Theresa who done so much in helping the poor in India?

Or Pope John Paul II, who critics say that he should retire when he was becoming to old to run the Papacy. He suffer end served the People of God, until his death in April 2005.

Or those Catholic Charity groups that assist the people who lost property in Hurricane Katrina.

Or those Caldean (spelling is incorrect) Catholic priests and nuns were were killed by Muslim Extremist in Iraq?

Let us not forgot both Popes Benedict XVI and John Paul II condemned the Iraq War, and their strong opposition to abortion.

The world now is very much against the Catholic Church. They view her Moral Law as medieval and outdated. They think the Church should change because the society chance, and when the there is scandal like the priest sex scandal, everyone goes blame the hiearchy of the Church.

People look to condemned them more than seek mercy for those who committed such acts. Indeed, their crimes is unjust. Jesus did told us to be merciful even to those whose sins are grave!

I have had enough about the opposing views against the Church. I yearn the day that everyone will take into account of what they do before the judgment seat of God. They will have a lot to answer for.

To the politicans who supported abortion God will ask them.

“Why do you allow laws that legalize the killing of the My unborn children?”

To the enemies of the Church, who use the sex scandal to attack the Church.

"Why do you condemned and not seek mercy on those who committed those sinful acts?

I think you get the picture. God knows all things, and he everyone will be judged according to what they do in this world.


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