Church is to Temple:Home is to Synagouge


I would like to share a brief, but enlightening reflection I had after reflecting about our Blessed Lord.

In Pope Benedict’s “Jesus of Nazareth pt.2” he says that Jesus saw Himself as the divine presence of God on earth, taking place of the stone temple in Jerusalem.

Well, I figure if Jesus’ body is the personification of the temple, then the temple abides within every tabernacle within a church due to the Eucharist. This means what the assmebly of the Eucharist is the assembly of the spritual Israel anticipated by Moses and the prophets.

Now, in Jesus’ time,Jews went to the temple to engage in the supreme worhsip of God, but they also went to the synagouge to engage in prayer, teaching, and fellowship.

It follows then, if the fulfillment of the Temple is found within the church, then the fulfillment of the synagouge is within the home which should be a place for prayer, teaching, and fellowship for families and neighbors outside church.

Hope this is interetsing and not just the ramblings of a man with a wandering mind.:smiley:

God Bless


Very nice. I completely agree with your assesment. My grandmother is a Messianic Jew, so I grew up with Judaism and Christianity. The Apostals were the first Messianic Jews, that later formed the Catholic church with St. Peter as the first Pope. The very beginning of the church is rooted in Messianic Judaism; thus making your statement 100% correct. It’s very nice to see another Catholic interested in following/combining Jewish tradition, with the Catholic faith in Jesus/Yeshua the Messiah.

shalom :smiley:


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