Church Leases Building, Abortion Clinic Forced Out


The Catholic Church is taking over the building that houses Lansing’s only free-standing abortion clinic.

The Church of the Resurrection will lease the space at the 1600 block of Grand River Ave., next to Groesbeck Golf Course. A little more than half of the building will be turned into church offices. The rest will be taken over by a pro-life group.

The Womancare abortion clinic has been given two months to leave.


I hope the diocese’s exorcist cleanses it first, if you understand my meaning. maybe a quart of holy water to remove any demons that could be lurking?


At least part of the building will be consecrated to serve as a chapel. Fr Steve Mattson, the pastor of the church,offered more information in a letter to the parish

After years of prayer, the Diocese of Lansing is preparing to welcome the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, to serve in Lansing area schools.

Once we learned that the sisters would be coming here, we needed to understand more clearly what kind of space would be required for their use. Through conversations with them, it became evident that they would need a large space to support their cloistered home life together as well as a more “public” space for their chapel and an area where they would be able to host visitors. After more than a month of looking for potential alternatives, it became clear that the current rectory and office would be the most suitable location for their new convent. The cost of building something new would have been prohibitive, and, despite the obvious challenges it would entail, we began to explore potential options for moving our offices and priest residence.

As time passed, the Lord made clear that our need for temporary office space and our parish commitment to pray and fast to end abortion might come together providentially. Encouraged by the prayers of the faithful at our parish, we began to explore whether the owners of the building where WomanCare is housed would consider leasing the space to the Church of the Resurrection instead of the abortionist. Their openness to the discussion led to further prayer, fasting, and ongoing discussion with lay leaders of the parish and pro-life leaders in our community.

When I appealed to the bishop for permission to make this move, I asked if we could have a chapel at the site, where we could pray together for healing, reparation, and for a greater outreach of love in our community. Bishop Boyea gave his permission to have a chapel at the location, and we will be sure to bless the space as we begin, asking for the Lord’s leading and blessing as we proceed.

Please pray for wisdom for us, and for patience, as we work out the various details. Most of all, though, let us rejoice that the Lord has allowed us to bring healing to a place where such harm has been done. I am grateful for Bishop Boyea’s blessing of our endeavor. As he noted in his letter to the parish, “. . . with all men and women of good faith, I rejoice that your new offices will transform a place long-dedicated to the destruction of life into a center committed to proclaiming Christ who is the Resurrection and the Life.”


Good for the pro-life movement and the Catholics of Lansing! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:


THAT was my first thought exactly. :thumbsup: … uh, I mean … :sad_yes:

My second thought was … THIS beats news of another parish closing, hands down!

To express my insignificant appreciation, allow me to honor Lansing’s Bishop … for whatever part he had to do with this … either in helping to make it happen … or allowing the same. < Bishop Earl Boyea’s pic, bio


You betcha…


Seriously?? A quart of holy water???

… I don’t think that will be nearly enough! :wink:


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