Church Militant - Still Too Extreme?


Has anyone changed their opinion on Church Militant TV based upon their coverage of the Bishops’ cover-ups and sex scandals? Negative to positive opinion or positive to negative opinion?

No need to create a similar topic


Different question: Have you changed your opinion on Church Militant?


I used to think so, and then I saw how coverups hurt more than they help calm things down.

Too many years of “shhh”.


Why would I waste my time watching Church Militant?


Not one bit, I think it is a great organization showing just what is wrong with many of our church leaders


Nope… still avoid like the plague


I have. Even though I have been following their reporting for years I have always been a bit uneasy with them calling out bishops and priests. I am no longer. They always said they had much more than they ever reported as they only reported what the could source well. Now we know what they have been swimming in for years and why they do what they do. God bless them for being willing to do then for what the rest of us are just waking up to now.


Nope. Still firmly in the do not watch category for me.


I haven’t changed my opinion about Church Militant.
I’m not 100% sided with CM and other so called “too extreme” medias, but I do like them, and I’ll keep watching them.


Is that associated with Michael Voris?



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Never did like him or his crew. They come across as a little too legalistic and blood thirsty. I believe if they exposed others shortcomings and instead asked for prayers instead of (public) lynchings they would be more effective.


Michael Voris and his cohorts appear to have lost their minds of late. Their videos calling for Francis’ resignation are really frightening.


Pope Francis did not only protect and reverse sanctions on McCarrick but on several others as well. And, he called victims idiots and liars protecting another. Of course he needs to resign. Until he is no longer pope the Church has no credibility. Plenty of facts laid out well here…


I find to be a good alternative.


I find that many of the things they say may be true. I didn’t know how big the problem was with coverups and the sexually perverted subculture was…I first heard it when I stumbled across a Vortex video on Youtube. What is said MAY have some truth to it, but I find that watching that channel always causes anger, irritability, and an uncharitable attitude in my heart. I have turned to other sources like Ascension Media and Word of Fire and these increase love and patience in my heart, so I choose to feed on that.


Search for BOLD SERMON ON SCANDAL. Very interesting. Truth should always be protected and transparent.
The sermon states: there was a conscious move of predator priests to enter Catholicism to destroy it. Communism was entering the church to destroy it. Dates & facts given.
Very interesting
God help us and forgive us.


I’ve always liked Church militant even though I was never Catholic, I believe they represent the conservative faction of the Catholic Church. I was however in complete agreement with Michael Voris regarding the sex scandals.


Then yeah, Church Militant makes me cringe and leaves a bad taste in my mouth…

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