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Scripture References please, Anyone know the sources? Does anyone have any passages in scripture that this article is referring to? I would love to open this up to insight of scripture in light of the “wicked contained in the church” more on the good and bad in the Church, also the challenges that arise to better persevere. -The Roman Catechism Art IX

The Members Of The Church Militant

The Church militant is composed of two classes of persons, the good and the bad, both professing the same faith and partaking of the same Sacraments, yet differing in their manner of life and morality.

The good are those who are linked together not only by the profession of the same faith, and the participation of the same Sacraments, but also by the spirit of grace and the bond of charity. Of these St. Paul says: The Lord knoweth who are his. Who they are that compose this class we also may remotely conjecture, but we can by no means pronounce with certainty. Hence Christ the Saviour does not speak of this portion of His Church when He refers us to the Church and commands us to hear and to obey her. As this part of the Church is unknown, how could we ascertain with certainty whose decision to recur to, whose authority to obey?

The Church, therefore, as the Scriptures and the writings of the Saints testify, includes within her fold the good and the bad; and it was in this sense that St. Paul spoke of one body and one spirit. Thus understood, the Church is known and is compared to a city built on a mountain, and visible from every side. As all must yield obedience to her authority, it is necessary that she may-be known by all.

That the Church is composed of the good and the bad we learn from many parables contained in the Gospel. Thus, the kingdom of heaven, that is, the Church militant, is compared to a net cast into the sea, to a field in which tares were sown with the good grain, to a threshing floor on which the grain is mixed up with the chaff, and also to ten virgins, some of whom were wise, and some foolish. And long before, we trace a figure and resemblance of this Church in the ark of Noah, which contained not only clean, but also unclean animals.

But although the Catholic faith uniformly and truly teaches that the good and the bad belong to the Church, yet the same faith declares that the condition of both is very different. The wicked are contained in the Church, as the chaff is mingled with the grain on the threshing floor, or as dead members sometimes remain attached to a living body.

  • The Roman Catechism Art. IX

The Church is manifest in three dimensions, which together make up the Mystical Body of Christ. The Church Triumphant of the redeemed in heaven; the Church Suffering of those being purified in Purgatory; and the Church Militant on earth struggling against the evils of this world. The Catholic Church is the Kingdom of God. The earthly kingdom of the Church Militant is ruled in His absence by men (Mt. 18:18;Jn. 21:17). It is therefore a visible theocracy; and it was substituted for the Jewish theocracy that has rejected Him (Mt. 21:43). In it, until the Day of Judgment, the bad will be mingled with the good (Mt. 13:41). Its extent will be universal (Mt. 28:19), and its duration to the end of time (Mt. 13:49); all powers that oppose it shall be crushed (Mt. 21:44). Moreover, it will be a supernatural kingdom of truth, in the world, though not of it (Jn. 18:36). It will be one and undivided, and this unity shall be a witness to all men that its founder came from God (Jn. 17:21).


Parable of the Sower, Matt 13

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Matt 13 is a great reference to the Church militant in the RC! Amazing. I’m sure there are other good ones too perhaps todays reading about the vision of Daniel about the 4 Beasts (DN 7:2 )and some repeated in Revelations by St John. The Good, Bad and the Wicked yet One true Body of Christ as one body of one spirit.

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