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I have a subscription to churchmiltant.TV, I think it’s an interesting and informative show.
I think that Micheael Voris is a forceful and knowledgeable host. But I also want to find out what you guys think. Also do you think Boondock Saints is a “catholic movie”?:wave:

He’s not well liked on here. It might be his orthodoxy.

I’ve met Mr. Voris and I have toured the studio. The Chapel he had built is magnificent!! Wow!! I wish our Churches were like that, very traditional. Mr. Voris is very nice, he is very approachable, talkable, He is also very devoted to the Faith, from what I have personally seen and very knowlegable on todays issues. He is doing a gruesome job in the trenches. He may seem brash and polarizing to some, but, with all respect, If you are in trouble, you need to hear it. A good doctor never covers up the prognosis with some flowery diagnosis. He tells you that you need to have work done if you want to continue to live, period. Some of it sounds hard to believe etc., but its true. I love and support all my bishops however. I am a humble servant of any man who wears the white collar or dons the Red zuchetti. Liberal or Conservative, I love my Priests and Bishops to bits…

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See the following thread for the Boondock Saints.

MOVIES: The Boondock Saints

OP, check out the search function on this site. There have been dozens of threads on this topic. You’ll find more options than you’ll know what to do with! :stuck_out_tongue:

My opinion, in a nutshell: I think he can great if you’re already a devout Catholic and you just need to be propped up. I hope that people considering Catholicism don’t run across him; his style does nothing to try and bring people in. I think in the long run he might do more harm than good to our cause. I personally find I’m much better off listening to talks and videos by priests, who usually do a fantastic job of balancing the truth with charity.

Very interesting information and excellent presentation, full of the truth. I watch it all the time.

Yes, I agree with using the search function. This topic has come up before and sometimes it gets heated. If we can avoid repeating that, all the better. :o

Search for “Voris” and “Real Catholic TV”, too. They just recently changed their name, so all of the older threads use RCTV, not CMTV.

Here’s a few to get you started:


His group is not a Catholic apostolate, i.e., approved for ministry by his bishop. I have on occasion seen an episode that is okay and totally in line with the Catholic Church.

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I like Micahel Voris a lot! I found his defense for Venerable Pope Pius XII to be an extreme eye-opener that helped me also learn about Blessed Archbishop Stepinac which both have had their names dragged through the gutter by anti-Catholic sources using anti-Catholic communist propaganda.

Michael Voris most certainly is not everybody’s cup of tea and I think Voris knows that. I see Voris as the Catholic counterpart to the sorta “hard-hitting” blunt Protestant and Atheist speakers…he’s reaching a certain demographic the people who like hard-hitting, non sugar-coating commentary and reports. I am one of those types and I like it a lot.

Why would it be? It’s not based in his diocese.

Then it is not approved in any diocese as an apostolate, which is why he can no longer call his ministry “Catholic”, as in the title. I applaud Mr. Voris for changing his title to conform to canon law.

Being a laid-back and ignorant host of a Catholic apostolate is much, much better than being a ‘forceful and knowledgeable’ host of something which is not.

It was Michael Voris’ programs that gave me a wake up call when I was lukewarm and lapsed. ChurchMilitantTV brought me back to the Faith and under Pope Benedict XVI. Their work is truly amazing and has made me open my eyes to the evils threatening our Church today. Our Lord is surely working through that apostolate.

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It is not a Catholic apostolate. They do not promulgate the love of and for God but scandalize the faithful.

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Same here! :slight_smile:
I found his attack on global warming to be an eye-opener for me, seeing as I’ve been somehow raised on global warming alarmism.

How so? He’s not a traditionalist(which I’ve seen your posts attack before), but he sure is better than his Liberal VII counterparts. I see no scandalisation of the faith on his shows, heck I even seen him stick up for Benedict XVI by saying he never gave or received communion in the hand, I thought the Liberals would love that(and I’m not trying to attack Benedict XVI with this statement, although Voris is wrong as Benedict XVI wrote in his book how he’s given and received in the hand).

MIchael Voris and has been a huge blessing in my life. I have digested a ton of information on the truths of our Catholic Faith. There was an issue with the name Catholic that his particular diocese didn’t endorse, but from my understanding it had alot to do with dissidents within that diocese who don’t agree with his Orthodoxy. To counter that claim that his Bishop doesn’t support him (which may be, don’t know if there is an official statement), if you browse the site, he gets endorsements from other Bishops, and even has an interview with Bishop Bruskewitz’s. His hard lining style I think is great, what comes off as uncharitable at times is simply the truth. I read St Francis De Sales’s the Catholic Controversy, and a couple of works from St. Thomas More, and believe me there isn’t any sugarcoating there (they would openly call protestants and dissidents heretics, etc.) He is accused of being uncharitable to Bishops, but honestly, all I iv’e gotten out of his pointing out errors, or omissions, is that we just need to pray for our Bishops. It doesn’t take a moral theologian to look around and see the state of the Church and our Country. I think a hard lining voice like Voris helps out tremendously. I have also met him at a conference, and he is very humble and charitable.

That’s not a fair assumption. Canon Law stipulates that an undertaking must have the permission of the local bishop to use the word “Catholic” in their name (see canon 216). The only comment that came from the Archdiocese of Detroit was to say that “Real Catholic TV” never made the request. They would have had to make a request to use the name “Catholic” for permission to be either given or denied. Eventually, RCTV changed their name to Church Militant TV. That’s really all we know.

I’m sure CMTV had their reasons for doing things the way they did. I think it’s pointless to speculate. I respect that CMTV has been more or less silent on the whole thing (as far as I know) and not fed the rumor mill.

It isn’t necessarily just an assumption, they had put out Vortex’s before that discussing the opposition they have gotten from members of that diocesan office, but I honestly don’t have the energy to go look them up, and your right it may not conclude anything. It is clear in other articles though, that Voris was planning on changing the name irregardless based on a May address by Pope Benedict regarding the term Church militant in Latin.

The only case where we could presume dissent is if the person or persons in question have verifiably said or taught something dissident. We ought not make assumptions based on second (or third) hand information.

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