Church must not create selfish 'little monster' priests, pope says

Even if there were, it would probably take several Popes to do it. It’s not something that can be done immediately. One just doesn’t decide one day to become a priest and the next day he gets ordained and becomes an administrator of a parish. I’ll bet there are a few seminarians who perhaps have a change of heart as a new Pope gets elected.

After all of the time, energy and money invested in our seminarians, as well as their own sacrifice and commitments, they better not be little monsters.

I can understand our Holy Father’s worries about the priesthood. God bless him for trying to rein in those priests who seek to serve their personal ambitions. May God bless ALL priests. There is such temptation in the world today, but we should trust in Mary, the mother of ALL priests, to keep them on the right path!

One of the top reports on ABC this morning was on this very statement by Pope Francis, and the impression that wealthy people are somehow sinful and being alienated. Cardinal Dolan insured all that the Pope loves all equally.

I think all of you have some good points and I just want to mention something that was not directly discussed if at all. I think what Papa Francis may have also meant by “little monsters” priests is that he was referring to priest that teach and promote heresy and do things or run a parish in a way that is not in accordance with his office and vocation as Priest of God. An example of this would be that one wayward Bishop that tried to ordain women into the Priesthood. Or some of the priests that teach and promote different heresies in their area and to the world at large (there are a few cases of this, sadly). Thus, both leading others away from Christ and the Truth His Church brings. That our formation of our Priests need to be improved.

At-least, this is what the first thing I thought of when I heard about this recent quote from him.

There are two kinds of jerks in the world; those who are right, and those who are wrong. Charitable or not, you are correct, but they are still jerks and we don’t have to like them.

The most charming people in the world on the other hand are all liars and only tell us what we want to hear.:slight_smile:

Hello Devoted Child.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing I think is what some are.


There certainly is prestige in the subculture of observant and believing catholics. What are we, 6% of the population? The rest of the wider culture in the western world puts zero prestige on the position of priest anymore. Thanks to the behaviors of the predator infiltrator priests, the general public these days considers the priesthood to be little more than fodder for late night comedians.

Perhaps one of the things Pope Francis means is that the priesthood is fundamentally sacramental, but in church culture we’ve made the priesthood at least as administrative as sacramental, then we become surprised that many priests stink at the admin or develop into tyrants. The priesthood doesn’t necessarily convey any administrative charisms, so if we’re going to dump those jobs on them, we’d better start doing a better job training them for it, both professionally and in character/virtue.

I’m discerning, and definitely hope that if I do have a religious vocation, that I don’t become a little monster. :slight_smile:

I have discussed this issue with my spiritual director, and it seems that it’s a matter of priority for many other religious and clergy he knows. It sounds like this message from the Holy Father is being well received and implemented, if it’s not already.

I’ve never thought about this much before, but how does a priest advance his career? It has always seemed to me that some are “fast tracked” while others simply are not. Anyone know much about this?

It seems lot of it has to do with education. If you get to study in Rome, if you have your doctorate, if you study canon law, you are more likely to move up in the hierarchy than those who only have their Masters in Divinity. But then you also must have enough exposure to the nuncio or your bishop to be recommended. Which means you probably have to be well liked.

Priests bring us Jesus in the Eucharist.

Priests bring us Jesus’s forgiveness in Confession,

Priests bring us the Lord’s washing away of original sin through baptism.

Priests bring us the Grace of Christ in Confirmation.

Priests bring us Our Lady, and the Saints…all of whom point us to Jesus.

Priests bring us the Mass (both daily and Sunday).

Priests bring us the authentic Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

Priests bring us the Scriptures.

Priests bring us Sacred Tradition.

Priests bring us programs to help clothe and feed the poor.

Priests bring us the Anointing of the Sick.

Priests give their lives in the service to the Lord.

Thank God for Jesus, and thank God for His Church, and thank God for the Pope, and thank God for Our Lady, and thank God for the Saints, and thank God for Scripture and Sacred Tradition, and thank God for Priests–and may God bless and guide all Priests.

Good reminders. Thanks.

Thank you. I believe Priests need our gratitude, and our prayers. Most (not all) are dedicated and devoted servants, and they do deserve our thanks.

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