Church needs to clean up, says Papal adviser [CNAU]

Mar 7, '10 5:00 pm
An adviser to Pope Benedict, Cardinal Walter Kasper, has told an Italian newspaper that the Church needs to clean up its act over child abuse, by compensating victims and punishing the perpetrators.


He’s absolutely right. I’ll even propose a concrete first step, that should have been taken years ago: Remove Cardinal Law, under whom sexual abuse occured for years in the Boston archdiocese, from his cushy post as a celebrating priest at one of Rome’s four pilgrimage churches, and send him to a monastery to do severe penance.

The Cath News article is based on an Agence France Presse article. However, when the AFP article illustrates the Cardinal’s comments by referring to a recent pedophile scandal in Germany, the Cath New article chooses to mention a Vatican scandal involving adult homosexuals, and not about child sex abuse. Its a rather odd change of topics.

Here is the AFP article:

I’m certainly not defend the man, but I think he was punished. I don’t think your monastery plan works because he’s not religious (I mean as opposed to diocesan). He lost his archdiocese, and got transferred somewhere that has no power associated with it. What more could be done, aside from making him bishop of Goatbutte, Afghanistan or the like?

I agree with the sentiment regarding Law. When I watch a ceremony on television from Rome and glimpse him in procession it always makes me feel uneasy, and dare I admit it …angry. His position there suggests pomposity. He is a villainous character in the long history of our Church, and his mild public penance (being able to remain a Cardinal and have the privilege of serving mass in the Holy City) delays the healing process. He should be in a place which forces upon one humility; perhaps in the slums of Calcutta, where the humble sisters do their work.

Priest found guilty should be defrocked and offered up to the civil judicial system for punishment. Bishops found guilty of a cover up or playing “hide the pedophile” need to be sent to a monastery for retirement.

The Churches, schools, rectories, hospitals and properties that our ancestors built should not be be liquidated on account of legal bills. Generations ago Catholic immigrants to American escaped upheaval and discrimination in their native lands, and the Church is all they had. Though penniless, they poured their time, talent, and money into their parishes. It is a disgrace to their memories, and very much an affront to God, to continue on this path.

I think that the other men in the monastery have it tough enough.

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”

Matthew 5:7

Agreed. i truly think that the Church is going through a judgement time since VII because no one seems to understand that the changes brought so much disgrace to the Church.
it seems to me that the Church is giving in more and more to the pressures of the world. they are obligated to apoligize over and over to the world. the world take advantage of the situation to condemn the CC making the world looking the better than the Church.

It’s one thing to show mercy, another to keep a source of scandal in a position of honor and promience in the Church.

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