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I’m meeting soon with a Church of Christ preacher about erroneous viewpoints and need some help. My handbook of denominations says that they are governed by deacons and elders under new Testament qualifications. In a nutshell, what would those qualifications be?

Also, how do Church of Christ (not United Church of Christ, but the group that hates denominationalism) find their pastors? Are they chosen by elders? Are they chosen from interviews and such? Can someone start their own Church of Christ church if they want to? I’m going to try to emphasize how the NT emphasizes a top-down selection of pastors, such as in a bishop appointing a priest.

Also, I want to demonstrate how even they do not do everything spelled out in NT. Do the women still cover their hair, as Paul asks? Do they do annointing of sick? Any other suggestions?

I would suggest you look over at the thread that addressed apostolic mission, just for a quick overview on authority and where did their church come from.

I am pretty sure they believe they are a restoration of the original Church, so ask where did the Bible come from? Which Church decided on the canon of Scripture?

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In the so-called “churches of Christ” the elders are considered the “pasrors” and the preachers are just that preachers and nothing more. A church of Christ preacher is not ordained, frequently has no theological education (the cofC has no seminaries). Any male in the cofC can baptise, and the preachers are usually forbidden from approaching the “Lord’s Supper table”. Aain any male can and does say the prayers. The “church of Christ” has a strictly lay ministry consisting of elders and deacons. The elders are deacons are self perpetuating, not voted on by the congregations. When there is a vacancy the already existing elders appoint others. The elders select preachers who are easily fired when someone dissagrees with them.

Anyone at anytime can start a cofC. They believe that the original church is founded on a strict legalistic following of the literally interpreted Bible (New Testament only). CsofC members think that anyone can pick up a NT and by following it strictly as a “blueprint” or “roadmap” can reproduce or “restore” the original church.

It can be hard to pin down, considering their “non-denominational” status. Some CoC churches operate as boppysbud described, some a bit different. In my parents church (CoC), the elders were elected by the congregation. The ministers were selected by specific minister-search committees. The preacher is basically a glorified Sunday School teacher, which is why he was so easy to get rid of a few weeks ago.
Some go to seminary, but many just go to a Christian undergrad. There are some Church of Christ schools, e.g., David Lipscomb in Nashville, TN; Harding in Searcy, AR. I think Abilene might be one too.

Many conservative CoCs stick to a “silence-of-scripture” theology. For instance, my parents church is considered heretical by CoC standards because it has a kitchen, a youth van, etc. There not being any scriptural justification for these, they are obviously displeasing to God. Also my parent’s church has a woman for a children’s minister, which is essentially a director. No ordination or anything. This is unheard of.

You’ll likely find more information under a broader search like the Stone-Campbell movement. Read up on the independent Christian and Disciples of Christ churches, some resources might list differences with the CoC.

My brother is a preacher in the Church of Christ. Regarding the hierarchy, he travels to Texas and other areas of the South to visit larger churches, which fund his salary. He established a “church” (ecclesial community) and began his ministry without formal theological training. What makes discussions difficult is that members of this group do not consider themselves a denomination, but claim that the Catholic Church is a denomination from them. You will not be successful in citing anything from the Church Fathers or anything historical since they believe the only source of Truth comes from the Bible.

Unfortunately the tendency is to “prey” on Catholics who are weak in their faith.

**Arguments to be prepared for: **
*]“Call no man father”
*]The Pope and Papacy is an invention
*]Statues, Saints, etc.
*]Catholics are not baptized and therefore cannot be saved because they only had water sprinkled on them and not fully immersed like Christ was.
[/list]My prayers are with you.

I also heard that they are against baptising infants and they don’t believe in christ being present at mass


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