Church of Christ question


Does the Church of Christ hermaneutic of command, example, and neccessary inference regarding Bible interpretation render moot the need for extra-biblical sources like church fathers, church councils, tradition, ect. to interpret the Bible with?

I was raised Church of Christ and I am not sure if a person who was not raised CoC can understand what I am asking, and I don’t know enough about Catholic doctrine to ask in a way I think a Catholic can understand.


[quote=]Churches of Christ emphasize the use of only the New Testament to find doctrine, ecclesiastical structure, and moral beliefs, while maintaining that the Old Testament is also the inspired Word of God, is historically accurate, and that its principles remain true and beneficial (although its laws are not binding under the new covenant in Christ unless otherwise taught in the New Testament).

Pretty much seems like a typical SS denomination to me.


The Church of Christ teaches that if something is not specifically addressed then one can take the examples and commands that are found and inferentially draw the truth regarding a particular issue.

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