Church of England Jumps on the Trans Bandwagon

Boys in tutus, girls with tool belts. It’s all okay.

The guidance for teachers in Church of England schools, endorsed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, says that children “should be at liberty to explore the possibilities of who they might be without judgement or derision”.

Why worry about judgment? Why worry about man’s or God’s? Those are outdated concepts apparently.

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while i am not going to allow my sons to wear tutus, i have absolutely zero issue with my daughters wearing a tool belt. I involve my girls in repairs around the house and other projects. It is a good skill to have regardless of your sex. My daughter begged for a pet rabbit, one of the conditions on her getting it was she help me build the hutch, which she did and did quite a good job.


No wonder why they are drifting so far away.

Remember, this church all started because King Henry VIII wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon for another women. As Rome didn’t let him, he separated from the Vatican, and built his own “church” based on his own authority.

As if God would say “oh hey, screw my Church and its apostolic succession, this King VIII guy is right, and all the decisions he’ll take from now on are my own! Totally legitimate church here”

I can understand why the people of England at the time “converted” (by fear of the King), but nowadays…
Let’s just say that logically, knowing what happened, they should all come back to the Catholic Church and its Catechism/doctrines.


Where is GKC when we need him??? Oi vey.


What´s wrong with a tool belt?!
Didn´t made a lesbian. As the ballett doens´t makes a man gay…I now that´s not the core this post is regarding, but really, mixing dress, gender and sexual activity is part of the problem.

Ps: sotrry, this should be a general response, not a answer to yout post, pressed the wrong button :slight_smile:

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No worries.

(For me toolbelts aren’t the issue, but tutus though… )

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It´s interesting. I feel the same way without a reason - male clothing is much more difficult to isolate than women´s wear in our culture.

Meaning no offence, that’s a massively simplistic view (where is GKC when we need him?). Henry VIII was incredibly devout whilst growing up, his doubts were due to the fact he had no male heir. He thought maybe their marriage was invalid due to a passage of the Bible that claimed if a man married his brother’s widow they would have no children. A lot of this hinged on the question of whether Catherine of Aragon was actually a virgin, and if the dispension given to them allowing them to marry was truly valid. Anne Boleyn didn’t come into the picture until much later, and when she did, she was the catalyst, not the cause of the break with Rome. For what it’s worth, he remained Catholic (as much as he could be for setting up his own Church etc) for the rest of his life. The real changes began with his son, Edward VI. Another thing to note is that people were not so much in fear of Henry as actually disagreeing with aspects of the Catholic Church. Henry wasn’t sure about his marriage, others capitalised on that to force a break with Rome.

In regards to the actual topic of the thread (apologies for the tangent), not sure what’s wrong with girls wearing toolkits?

Thank you for the precisions

But still,

Once the marriage and heir issues were out of the way, why did the Church of England kept going its own way.
Being disconnected from Rome’s authority also means the possibility of invalid changes to the mainline doctrines and beliefs over time. One example could be women priesthood, or the difference of belief regarding the Eucharist seen by evangelical anglicans (pneumatic presence vs corporeal presence), and now… the acceptance of transexual ideology.

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Largely Yep… (But Edw VI, not VIII).

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:flushed: Corrected. My shame won’t stand it being left.


It kept going its own way because under Edw VI the English Reformation began. And that was caused by the same sort of disagreement with Rome as was already evident on the Continent.

Then King Henry VIII must be backflippin’ in his coffin right now.
Not as much as Luther though, he probably broke his.

The CofE report that has got Fr Longenecker in a tizzy, and has others rubbing their hands at the descent of the English Church into depravity, is an attempt to guide Church schools on how to avoid sex-motivated bullying. The announcement of the report begins:

Guidance for the Church of England’s 4,700 schools published today aims to prevent pupils from having their self-worth diminished or their ability to achieve impeded by being bullied because of their perceived or actual sexual orientation or gender identity.

The report makes 12 recommendations for schools including ensuring schools’ Christian ethos statements offer “an inclusive vision for education” where “every child should be revered and respected as members of a community where all are known and loved by God. “

_Clear anti-bullying policies should include HBT behaviours and language, policies on how to report incidences should be accessible, staff trained on recognising bullying, curriculum and collective worship should support the vision and the wider church ensure that schools are responding well to the guidance.

Can we agree that measures to prevent bullying of children are to be welcomed?

Toolbelts are fine. There should be some ballets where the ballerinas wear both tutus and toolbelts.


Correspondingly, ballet also needs male dancers believe it or not. But they don’t wear tutus of course.


Or where the dancers are Scotsmen.

No shame. I do that sort of thing often.

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All of this madness is the rotten fruit of the diabolical Protestant “Reformation” set in motion by Martin Luther. I know the English “Reformation” is somewhat of a separate entity from its German counterpart but the whole Protestant ideology stems from the diabolical rebellion of the heresiarch, Martin Luther. And yet our hierarchy continues to celebrate him and call him a “Witness of Jesus Christ”. They even allow our churches to be descerated with sacrilegious “ecumenical” celebrations of his destruction of the unity of faith in Europe. It’s mind boggling. “Dialogue” isn’t going to save these wayward heretics, who are now condoning the poisoning of children with diabolical ideologies. What they truly need is prayer and fasting by all Catholics of goodwill so that they will renounce their errors, repent, convert, and be reconciled with the Catholic Church outside of which there is no salvation.

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