Church of England, Parliament and Woman Bishops

It appears that the English Parliament is voting on a bill that would force the Church of England to consecrate women as Bishops.

I believe it is called the Equality Law Exemption or a similar name. From what I read, the Church of England is a state church and is bound by this law if passed, even if the Church of England’s Synod fails to vote for women to be bishops.

Hopefully if this is true, it will not affect the Catholic Church. The Ordinariate in England is growing and if this law does pass and the CoE must abide by it, there seems a possibility that there may be many more Anglicans coming in to the Church.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


It won’t affect the Catholic Church. No state runs the Catholic Church.

The problem with the Church of England is, as you said, is a state church. That’s not the case with the Catholic Church.

Such a law cannot affect the Catholic Church; and to the extent it purports to do so, it is illegitimate, and we would be bound to disobey it.

I wonder what effect this will have on the Anglican communities in Ireland and the United States. Either way, thank God for the new Ordinariate. The Anglicans need to understand that just as a man can’t birth a child, a woman can’t celebrate Mass.

As others have stated, having the State run a religion is just asking for trouble. Imagine the Republicans and Democrats running a religion and installing bishops. Boy wouldn’t that be nifty? :rolleyes: The same thing with the CofE. I always think of that Yes, Prime Minister episode with the minister having to install a bishop and his political, irreligious attitude about it that is simply hilarious!

This is just a classic…

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